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Building Design Package

7 solutions, 71 libraries, 2 635 vector object and icons, 96 examples and templates.

Graphics Package includes solutions:

Cafe and Restaurant Floor Plans, Gym and Spa Area Plans, HVAC Plans, Landscape & Garden, Office Layout Plans, Plumbing and Piping Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans.

$295 value for only $118

Graphics Package intended for:

Architects and building engineers to develop building documentation, floor plans and building blueprints; designers and interior designers to help depict bright and innovative design solutions, make beautiful design proposals and represent the most daring design ideas; telecommunications managers, electricians, builders and other technicians to communicate ideas and concepts that relate to construction and design, explain requirements to a building contractor and builders, record completed work, and make a record of what currently exists.

Graphic Package major topics:

Floor plans, plans of building services, furniture and equipment layouts, interior designs, house plans, home plans, apartment plans, office floor plans, office layouts, cafe and restaurant plans, school layouts and classroom plans, training rooms plans, fitness center plans, gym and spa area plans, cinema and theater seating plans, train and airplane seat plans, sport fields blueprints, reflected ceiling plans, plumbing and water supply plans, ventilation and HVAC plans, garage blueprints, site planning and technical drawings regarding architecture and building engineering, landscape and garden designs.

What is ConceptDraw Graphical Package?

ConceptDraw Graphical Package is kit of solutions selected for specific industry or profession. There are number of solutions selected from ConceptDraw Solution Park which are important for efficiently creating major diagrams of the industry. It extends capability of ConceptDraw software with vector graphic objects, samples and tools. It requires ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software to be installed on your computer.

ConceptDraw Graphical Package let you get started in one click with number of valuable solutions and graphics details for specific industry or profession. Also the package price usually provides significant savings comparing to separated one by one purchases of solutions from ConceptDraw Solution Park.

List of Solutions:

Cafe and Restaurant Floor Plans Solution

Before you commit to a restaurant design, use ConceptDraw to visualize your dining area and kitchen. The best culinary experience comes from detailed planning.

There are 9 stencil libraries containing 298 objects and 10 examples in the Cafe and Restaurant Floor Plans solution.

Gym and Spa Area Plans Solution

Perfect for any keep fit enthusiast who is designing their own personal gym space, or for those working on a larger scale who need to plan a larger fitness area.

There are 7 stencil libraries containing 239 vector graphics and 10 examples in the Gym and Spa Area Plans solution.

HVAC Plans Solution

Like with plumbing, knowing the layout of your heating and ventilation systems is crucial to their upkeep and maintenance. Use this solution to create your blueprint.

There are 7 stencil libraries containing 284 objects and 10 examples in the HVAC Plans solution.

Office Layout Plans Solution

With office layouts becoming evermore unique and dynamic, it's useful to have a tool that allows full freedom of design. Not only can you arrange the office furnishing, but also important systems such as WIFI or telephone.

There are 15 stencil libraries containing 450 objects and 25 examples in the Office Layout Plans solution.

Plumbing and Piping Plans Solution

A good plumbing schematic is crucial for any structure, if only to avoid potential DIY mishaps. Use this solution to map out the piping around your home or business.

There are 10 stencil libraries containing 467 objects and 10 examples in the Plumbing and Piping Plans solution.

Reflected Ceiling Plans Solution

Mind your head! Or not, if using this solution. Use it to map out light fixtures, ceiling structures and ventilation shafts.

There are 9 stencil libraries containing 477 objects and 11 examples in the Reflected Ceiling Plans solution.