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Custom Excel Report

Reports are one of the most important and useful tools of the project management process. It is a kind of communication tool that helps convey important information about the project to all team members and more stakeholders. Project reporting documents reflect the current state of the project's key performance indicators. The reports allow tracking the project status, controlling the project implementation, its effectiveness, and progress. They help you get results at every stage of the project, track the quality and project timing, responding in a timely manner to the needs of the project and the team. Each case requires a specific type of report with a certain dataset. In some cases, reports with different levels of detail are generated for the same project for different purposes. It is convenient and efficient to create custom report templates and use them each time for one project to track its progress, or for different projects that you control or implement.

The Custom Excel Report solution extends the functionality of ConceptDraw PROJECT software and allows generating a tabular project report based on a custom Excel report template. The Custom Excel Report solution provides the ability to generate own reports fully tailored to the needs of a certain project and different groups of project participants. You can create equally easily the project overview report, project resources usage report, project status report, monthly or weekly project status report, or project status report example for another period, and more.

The custom Excel report templates are created by means of using special functions from the CD Project add-in for MS Excel or writing functions with parameters manually in Excel document cells. The Custom Reports solution includes the installation of an add-in for MS Excel for the usability of creating the report templates. The CD Project menu item appears on the MS Excel toolbar after the successful installation of the solution and add-in from the Other section in ConceptDraw STORE. CD Project add-in offers the set of functions ready to be used to build a template quickly and without effort.

The application of a custom report template Excel in ConceptDraw PROJECT allows generating a project report based on this template and the ConceptDraw PROJECT document data. The report can include one or more sheets according to the project needs and in correspondence with project report template. Most reports contain the same sheet number as the template, so you can create a multi-sheet Excel workbook as a template to get the most comprehensive report possible. For example, two-sheet document with information about project cost and its resources on separate sheets or multi-sheet report representing information for each work resource involved in a project, etc. The Report Builder supplied with add-in analyzes each function from the report template sheet and its parameters and reports the corresponding data from the project created in ConceptDraw PROJECT.

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Example 1. Tasks and Resources Report Template

This report template contains functions to display the names of projects, phases, tasks, and resources assigned to the tasks. If several resources are assigned for one task, the report will contain as much rows with this task as many resources are assigned to it. A separate row is generated for each resource of the task, in the report. First, all resources assigned to the phase are displayed with in the task column. The information about each specific task of this phase and its resources is presented below.

Tasks and Resources Report Template

Example 2. Resources Usage Report Template

This template allows you to create a report containing a table with information about the project name, resource names, task names assigned to these resources, and their percentage usage in them. In addition, the report includes general information about the project: the title of the document and the name of the project manager. For milestones, resource load is 100% if completed and 0% otherwise.

Resources Usage Report Template

Example 3. Work and Material Resources Report Template

As a result of applying this template, you will get a two-sheet Excel report. The first sheet displays a list of names of working (human) resources, their cost, and emails. The second sheet offers information about the material resources of the project and their cost. The report also includes the title of the project document, project name, and the name of the project manager.

Resources Usage Report Template

Example 4. Resources Overview Report Template

This report template allows you to create a report with information about the resources, projects they are working on, and the tasks they are performing. In addition, the report contains information about the start and end dates of these tasks. The name of the project manager appears at the top of the report. Information for each resource is displayed on a separate sheet of the report as a result of using functions from the "Sheet Name" section in the CD Project add-in ("Task Name", "Project Name", "Resource Name") to specify the name of the sheet.

Resources Overview Report Template

Example 5. Employee Loading Report Template

This template allows you to display information about the employee Karen Martin in the report. The report includes the document title and the project manager's name. Below is a table with data on the projects that Karen Martin was engaged in, and the tasks performed, indicating the workload for each task. The simple change of the resource name in the template allows you to get a report for another employee.

Employee Loading Report Template

Example 6. Tasks with Defined Cost Report Template

The report generated on the basis of this template displays the names of tasks of projects with a cost of more than 10,000 in the project currency. The phases, split subtasks, and recurring subtasks are not included in the report. The report contains the names of projects to which the tasks from the report belong to. In addition, the report includes the document's title and the project manager’s name.

Tasks with Defined Cost Report Template