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PM Meetings

The regular meetings, discussions, negotiations, and communication of team members with each other and with project manager are an important component during the planning and implementation of any project. The frequency of meetings is determined individually in each case, but the necessity to conduct them with sufficient regularity is obvious. In the course of communications and meetings, the goals and objectives are agreed, the people's actions are coordinated, the problems are identified and solved. The use of Mind Maps during the meetings lets one change the boring meetings into a work space for creative and productive work for the entire team. The ConceptDraw MINDMAP software provides an ability to conduct meetings using Mind Maps, organizing team brainstorming sessions, tracking meeting agendas, editing collaboratively, and sharing easily the meeting results.

PM Meetings solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP software with special tools, features, and templates, making the preparation for meetings of different orientation a quick and simple task. The main solution's purpose is to give to project managers, team leaders, management specialists, and meeting organizers the capability to prepare easily and quickly for regular project meetings using solution's templates provided in ConceptDraw MINDMAP, as well as to brainstorm ideas, to record brainstorming results, to keep the meetings on track, and to share meeting results to all stakeholders immediately and without efforts. The meetings become more efficient because of the ability to easily record results in a simple and comprehensive form of Mind Map. The collaborative decisions made by project team are captured as a part of the meeting process and then distributed — this innovative process makes meetings more productive and keeps activities on track. The meeting notes can be easily distributed at a meeting’s conclusion to all participants and stakeholders.

Solution Reference

Prepare meetings quickly

The Meeting Agenda Map template designed in the ConceptDraw MINDMAP software allows users accelerate their meeting preparation. Open the ConceptDraw STORE and find the Meeting Agenda Map template in the Templates section of PM Meetings solution. Click to open it automatically in ConceptDraw MINDMAP and just fill in your data. You can also use the Project Management -> PM Meetings section on the Input tab in ConceptDraw MINDMAP to open this template.

Collaborative brainstorming

One more useful capability that offers ConceptDraw MINDMAP is the ability of collaborative brainstorming in a brainstorming mode that contributes to improvement meetings effectiveness and achievement positive results. Click the Brainstorm button on the Home toolbar in ConceptDraw MINDMAP to open the Brainstorming session window and use the brainstorm to make meeting notes, and to take them for immediate distribution at the meeting’s conclusion.

Collaborative document creation and meeting note process

The collaborative document creation and the process of making the meeting notes are easy in the ConceptDraw MINDMAP software. Using the mind mapping technique, you can define the phases and tasks of your project, set dependencies between the tasks and assign resources. To represent the result of the meeting in a form of Microsoft Word text document, use the capability of exporting from ConceptDraw MINDMAP to Microsoft Word that is available as MS Word command from the Menu File -> Export.

When working with documents in ConceptDraw MINDMAP you may find useful to be able to display your map on the screen without toolbars so nothing distracts from the map's content. In this case, press Shift+F5 to switch to Full-Screen Mode. When you need to edit and discuss a part of the map, use the One Click Navigation feature set. You can zoom into any map's section selecting it by holding the left mouse button down, to return to a previous view release the button or use the Escape key, or right click to stay zoomed in.