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Dashboards area

The Dashboards area collects the most common forms of visual dashboard, and presents them in a series of dedicated solutions. Use these visual indicators to display productivity reports, sales efforts and other data driven results. Templates, samples and help topics show exactly what a dashboard is and what it can do.

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Comparison Dashboard

This solution integrates charts and graphs from all Dashboard solutions onto a single document, allowing for the comparison and analysis of relevant data.

Composition Dashboard

This solution groups various types of composition charts into one dashboard - you van view your data through bar charts, pie charts or divided bar charts.

Correlation Dashboard

Correlation Dashboard contains a set of live objects designed to visualize a predictive relationship between two numerical parameters from one or a few series, using scatter plot charts.

Frequency Distribution Dashboard

The Frequency Distribution Dashboard solution uses a single screen to display your source data through histograms and area charts, useful for displaying resource values.

Meter Dashboard

The Meter Dashboard solution allows you to show data through graphic key performance indicators such as gauges, meters, bullets and sliders.

Spatial Dashboard

Spatial dashboards helps you to visualize spatial info on thematic maps, which show how your data varies across territories, or displays the variability within regions.

Status Dashboard

Status dashboards use a single screen to integrate graphic status indicators such as alerts, traffic lights, and progress & rating indicators, acting on information found in external data sources.

Time Series Dashboard

Using the Time Series Dashboard solution in combination with ConceptDraw's Live Objects technology allows you to create dynamic dashboards attached to outside data sources. The time series dashboard uses a single screen to integrate column charts, line charts, bar charts and dot plots.


The « Dashboards» Area integrates solutions for the creation of different types of Visual Dashboards. Each solution is designed for a specific visualizing purpose.

For example, Comparison Dashboard is designed for visual Item Comparison — in other words, for the ranking of data series. Each solution includes one or two Live Object Libraries.

Live Objects are special graphic objects which can read out data from a user defined external source at regular intervals, and change their appearance accordingly.

Each Live Object is a ready to use Graphic Indicator, Chart or Map. So to create a custom dashboard you simply need to drag the Live Objects from the library into your dashboard page, and set the path to the data source file for each of them. Update the data source file in free time, and your visual dashboard will show the actual data.

You can save a data file for your company or team dashboard into a shared folder of cloud file storage, for example DropBox. This gives your colleagues the ability to update the data for the dashboard.

Facebook Dashboard

It’s possible to freely combine Indicators, Charts and Maps from all these solutions into your visual dashboard as you need. You also can create multipage dashboards and show them in presentation mode.

Finally you can demonstrate your dashboard on the biggest display you have, for example on a large screen TV on the wall of your office.