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Current Activities Reports

The information about overall project's state at a given moment, about degree of its completion regarding the control points, as well as detailed information about all kinds of project tasks, namely which of them are already completed, which are in progress or will be soon executed, about critical, delayed or even yet not started tasks, is incredibly valuable at each stage of project implementation. All these data make the company's employees activities on a given project transparent, allow to evaluate the project status at the moment, to detect potential and existing problems, the difficulties and imperfections in project implementation, to analyze and to eliminate them in time. The reports on current activities are exactly those that help the project managers and other interested project participants to monitor the full information in respect of project tasks with different fulfillment statuses and to evaluate these data in a few minutes.

The Current Activities Reports solution extends abilities of the project management software ConceptDraw PROJECT in high-quality planning and managing projects. It delivers the capability to generate the current activities reports of projects and multiprojects, namely these are Completed Tasks, Critical Tasks, Tasks in Progress, Unstarted Tasks, and Overdue Tasks reports, which help to reflect clearly the actual situation in a project, the tasks statuses, the project cost at the moment, and thus to compare the planned amount of work that needs to be done to the actually performed one. This information helps to effectively and timely solve the identified problems to ensure the project's implementation meets planned deadlines and remains within allocated budget. The set of professionally developed examples also included to this management solution, will help you to explore all power of this solution and to experiment with its variety of reports in a spreadsheet format, which perfectly suit for demonstrating at the regular meetings with members of project team and for the meetings with the company's executives, at this your report will look exceptionally both in electronic and printable view.

Example 1: Project — Drilling Permit

This example represents the project of getting the environmental permission on the drilling. It includes the monitoring and surveying different aspects of environment in a certain area, such as surface water, groundwater, air, noise, archeology, vegetation, and wildlife, as well as execution of some other tasks before bringing to life a few final steps, namely the preparation and submission of an application on getting permission for drilling in a defined area, and approval permission after reviewing the application. The whole variety of reports included in the Current Activities Reports solution can be tried in this example.

Project — Drilling Permit

Example 2: Project — Space Mission

Space attracts by its mystery, and the projects associated with space are considered to have been ones of the most interesting for a long time. This example is a complex project dedicated to the study of space for the purpose of its development, for preparation and implementation the space flights at different distances. Detailed representation of project stages and tasks, their time frames, the calculation of the cost of each task and whole project makes it clear and understandable. This project involves a variety of resources (work and material), the cost per hour for each of them is defined in a project Gantt Chart and can be viewed at any moment.

Project — Space Mission

Completed Tasks

The “Completed Tasks” report generated for your project represents the spreadsheet containing the information regarding the project's tasks, which are completed, i.e. the tasks which Complete in a Gantt Chart equals to 100%. By default, the reporting period is set as a current week, but optionally it can be changed to another desired one. This report includes the tasks with the indication the phases to which they belong, even if these phases are not 100% completed, and contains the corresponding detailed information about duration, start and finish dates, cost, baseline cost and responsible employees.

Critical Tasks

The “Critical Tasks” report formed for your project depicts the list of project's critical tasks for a current week in a form of a spreadsheet with the indication the corresponding phases and details about the start and finish dates, duration, complete, cost, baseline cost and corresponding work resources for each of listed tasks. Thus, you receive all detailed information about project's tasks that define project's end date and now you can effectively analyze the critical path and identify the minimal time needed for the project to be completed. If you want, you can change default project period at any moment.

Current Activities Reports — Critical Tasks

Overdue Tasks

The “Overdue Tasks” report created for your project represents incredibly important information for a project management and project analysis — it is a list of overdue project's tasks in a period of the current month. Thus, all tasks which Planned Complete values in a Gantt Chart are greater than a Complete value in a defined period will be listed in a spreadsheet. The report period can be changed at your choice, but the most popular is a month. For the multiproject, you will receive the individual reporting spreadsheet for each project included in your multiproject.

Current Activities Reports — Overdue Tasks

Tasks in Progress

The “Tasks in Progress” report generated for your project is a spreadsheet containing the list of all project's tasks, which are in progress in a reporting period (by default it is a current week). These are the tasks completed from 1% to 99 %. The information about start and finish dates, durations, completes, costs and baseline costs of tasks and corresponding phases, and about assigned work resources is also included in this report. Created for a multiproject, this report will contain as many spreadsheets as many projects your multiproject contains.

Current Activities Reports — Tasks in Progress

Unstarted Tasks

The “Unstarted Tasks” report created for your project offers the list of all unstarted (with 0% Complete) project's tasks in a spreadsheet. By default, you will receive the report for a current week, but you can always switch it to any desired period from the offered drop-down list, right before generating your report. When making this report for a multiproject, you will have the individual report spreadsheet for each project from your multiproject with no exceptions.

Current Activities Reports — Unstarted Tasks