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Overview Reports

The reports are one of the most powerful tools to control the effectiveness of a project implementation, project results, and progress, to track the quality and terms of project realization. The diversity of report kinds existing and used in a field of project management allows choosing a report type which is the most suitable at a moment. The overview reports, which summarize the information, and display the main and total data from your project come first in terms of popularity and frequency of use.

The Overview Reports solution extends the functionality of ConceptDraw PROJECT management software with a set of projects examples and capabilities to generate the Project Overview report or Project Overview with Resource Costs report at your choice. These reports allow to track and to analyze the main information on your project, its compliance with the planned terms, allocated budget and expected profits. Having detailed information about project tasks from the overview reports, namely about the number of completed, unstarted, in progress, early and late tasks and time of their implementation, the project managers and team leaders can analyze this information to evaluate the project progress in comparison with its state at a planning stage and at the moment of previous reporting period, and to detect the tasks that require additional efforts. The information about usage of work and material resources in a project also included in overview reports is useful for analyzing the effectiveness of their use in a project implementation and for detection the possible irrationalities in resources allocation within a single project or several projects in a multiproject, which is usually a more complex case implying special attention but for ConceptDraw PROJECT it is not a difficulty.

Example: Project — Lease a New Facility

This project example in detail displays the steps of the process of lease some facility. Delving into this example you can observe a lot of steps, beginning with the establishment of the lease program and finishing at the moment of move-in, all that is controlled by a property manager. This example contains the full calculation of cost for each step, you can see durations and time limits of the tasks, as well as the lists of workers’ names who are responsible for their execution. The project's Gantt Chart reflects the graphical depiction of this information and has yet more clearly view than the tabular part.

Project — Lease a New Facility

Project Overview

The “Project Overview” report generated for your project gives its detailed overview. You will see the name of project manager, the company’s name, and project's goal. Below, you can find the detailed information about project start and finish dates, its duration and degree of complete, cost and baseline cost, as well as the data concerning the project tasks (unstarted, in progress, completed, late, early) and all project resources (work and material) with the indication their names. This report also contains the summary information about project cost on a current date, total project cost and time of tasks execution. The information for projects from a multiproject is always displayed in individual report spreadsheets.

Overview Report — Project Overview

Project Overview with Resource Costs

The “Project Overview with Resource Costs” report generated for your project represents in a spreadsheet the overview information about your project, its status and cost at the given moment, planned cost and time needed for its completion, as well as overview of project tasks, working and material resources without specifying the resources' names. If you work with a multiproject, this report will be represented on several spreadsheets – a separate one for each project from your multiproject. For all completed projects, the cost on a current date equals to the project's cost, for all not started projects, it equals to 0.

Overview Report — Project Overview with Resource Costs