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New Solutions

Piano Sheet Music

Use this solution for music notation software to express yourself through music, to create own unique musical pieces, make piano sheet music, or display the sheet music with compositions of famous composers at the blank sheet music using pre-made musical symbols and notes vector images relevant to internationally accepted music notation.

One-line Diagrams

This solution is a powerful help for power engineering and helps in one-line drawing. Use the included electrical symbol elements to create One-line Diagram, Single-line Diagram, Electrical diagram, or electrical engineering diagram with no sweat.

Analog Electronics

Design effectively analog electronic circuits, electrical engineering diagrams, electronic engineering designs, and analog circuits schematics using solution’s pre-made special objects and analog electronics symbols.

Electronic Block Diagrams

Simple electrical engineering, electronic equipment design, description structure, information flow, energy, pulse train are now a reality thanks to the electronic and electrical symbols of electronic blocks, amplifiers, repeaters, converters, pulses, and much more offered by solution libraries.

Telecom and AV Circuits

Design and visualize telecom networks and audio-video equipment efficiently and maximize performance, develop equipment for electrical engineering, telecom and AV construct schematics and diagrams including 3 way switch diagram with pre-made symbols of audio, video, TV and telegraph equipment, antennas, antenna TV, etc.

Power Сircuits

This solution includes powerful drawing tools, circuit symbols and electrical symbols of transformers, electric generators, electrical motors, transmission lines, and more equipment. They simplify Power Circuit Diagram design, displaying the functional parts and connections in electrical circuit, principles of operation of electrical and power mechanisms, one-phase and three-phase power generation.

Basic Circuit Diagrams

The solution’s internationally standardized electrical symbols including resistor symbol, diode symbol, inductor, amplifier, and more are effective for electrical engineering, designing electrical circuit diagram, electrical schematic, wiring diagram, electronic schematics, and more.

DOM Tree

Use it to design in a moment the Document Object Model (DOM model), DOM tree diagram, DOM hierarchy in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, or make the DOM Tree Mind Map in ConceptDraw MINDMAP and instantly autogenerate the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM file.

Class Hierarchy Tree

Succeed in object oriented programming, building the Java class hierarchy, Python class hierarchy, in organizing the code, demonstrating the work of classes, constructing the Class Hierarchy Trees and Class Hierarchy Mind Maps with their further autogeneration from ConceptDraw MINDMAP to ConceptDraw DIAGRAM file.

Family Tree

Explore your family roots and design colorful, informative and accurate family tree, genealogy tree or ancestry tree with help of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM family tree maker including Family Tree solution.

Cisco Networking

Use Cisco Networking solution to succeed in designing network configurations using the Cisco network equipment and devices, in modeling networks, in installing Cisco equipment, managing networks and ensuring their security.

Decision Making

The best for decision-makers, the Decision Making solution perfectly suits for decision-making, decision tree analysis, analytic hierarchy process (AHP), designing Decision diagrams, Business decision maps, Decision flowcharts, Decision trees, Decision matrix, T Chart, and Influence diagrams without any efforts and even drawing skills.

Azure Architecture

ConceptDraw teams up with Microsoft to bring the Azure Diagrams solution, a selection of Azure themed graphics and templates, allowing you to create effective Azure architecture diagrams.

Customer Journey Mapping

Use the customer journey mapping methodology and succeed in understanding users’ needs and in improving your products with Customer Journey Mapping Solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM.

Floor Plans

This solution allows you to visualize any domestic floor space, and to fill your design with a large variety of household elements. Create plans for a home, apartment, or hotel.

AWS Architecture Diagrams

The solution includes the icons Amazon notation suggests to be used when creating architecture diagrams describing your use of Amazon Web Services or Amazon Cloud Services.

PM Personal Time Management

Be effective in project management and personal time management, generate easily your personal To-Do lists, personal calendars, personal assignment lists, project checklists, and communicate with your colleagues using e-mail and sending project Microreports via e-mail with one click.