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New Solutions

Family Tree

Explore your family roots and design colorful, informative and accurate family tree, genealogy tree or ancestry tree with help of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM family tree maker including Family Tree solution.


Use the ConceptDraw’s Genogram solution to construct the informative Genograms, family tree, genealogy schematics of any generations’ depth, which are going to become a perfect base for medical and psychology analytics and therapy.

Health Informatics

Use this solution to succeed in healthcare design of diagrams, schematics, flow charts, workflow charts, block diagrams, infographics, illustrations, and presentations slides in healthcare informatics field.

Business Diagrams

Build and develop your business easily and with pleasure, describe the business processes, visualize the results of company’s work, compare and analyze the business characteristics and economic indicators, and track your business development in dynamics with the help of Business Diagrams Solution and Bubble Diagrams, Circle-Spoke Diagrams, Circular Arrows Diagrams, and Venn Diagrams that are designed with its help in just minutes.

Decision Making

The best for decision-makers, the Decision Making solution perfectly suits for decision-making, decision tree analysis, analytic hierarchy process (AHP), designing Decision diagrams, Business decision maps, Decision flowcharts, Decision trees, Decision matrix, T Chart, and Influence diagrams without any efforts and even drawing skills.

EXPRESS-G data Modeling Diagram

Use the capabilities of EXPRESS data modeling language and succeed in data modeling, database design, and in drawing EXPRESS-G Data Modeling Diagrams, Express-G Diagrams and Database Model Diagrams with new ConceptDraw’s EXPRESS-G data Modeling Diagram solution.

Visual Reports

The Visual Reports solution extends abilities of ConceptDraw PROJECT by creating the illustrative and comprehensible reports on a project in a form of visual graphs and diagrams of common types

Resource Usage Reports

The Resource Usage Reports solution supplies ConceptDraw PROJECT software with a large set of useful project examples and extensive reporting abilities in resources planning, their allocation and use.


This solution offers the set of project examples and a wide choice of report kinds, which you can generate in a moment in a form of Mind Map document.

Knowledge Reports

This solution allow reporting in a spreadsheet the information about project tasks with start dates and hyperlinks associated with them in your project Gantt Chart, the hyperlinks associated with the whole project, and the hyperlinks to e-mails of project's work resources.

Overview Reports

Having detailed information about project tasks from the overview reports, namely about the number of completed, unstarted, in progress, early and late tasks and time of their implementation, the project managers and team leaders can analyze this information to evaluate the project progress in comparison with its state at a planning stage and at the moment of previous reporting period, and to detect the tasks that require additional efforts.

Current Activities Reports

It delivers the capability to generate the current activities reports of projects and multiprojects, namely these are Completed Tasks, Critical Tasks, Tasks in Progress, Unstarted Tasks, and Overdue Tasks reports, which help to reflect clearly the actual situation in a project, the tasks statuses, the project cost at the moment, and thus to compare the planned amount of work that needs to be done to the actually performed one.

Jackson Structured Programming (JSP) Diagrams
Succeed in Jackson Structured Programming (JSP) and Jackson structured development with the ConceptDraw’s Jackson Structured Programming (JSP) Diagram solution, which is the best for Jackson systems design and drawing Jackson structured programming diagrams, JSP diagram, Jackson structure diagram (JSD), Program structure diagram.
Object-Role Modeling (ORM) Diagrams

Succeed in data modeling and software engineering with ConceptDraw’s Object-role Modeling (ORM) Diagrams solution tools. Develop in minutes the data models and design the Object-role Modeling diagrams using the premade library's objects corresponding to common ORM notation.

House of Quality

Apply the Quality function deployment (QFD) methodology and build visual House of Quality Matrices with ConceptDraw’s House of Quality solution tools with a goal to develop the best products and services satisfying the customers’ requirements, needs and desires.


Illustrate your diagrams, presentation slides and infographics in fields of biomedicine, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine, molecular medicine, evidence-based medicine, reconstructive biomedicine, preventive health care using the tools of the Biomedicine solution.

Medical Illustrations

Use the power of this solution to design colourful and attractive Medical illustrations, diagrams, infographics and slides for presentations, which will help to convey your medical and health knowledge in a simple, visual, interesting and emotional form.

Health Sciences

This solution is a powerful assistant in drawing diagrams, schematics and slides for presentations on the healthcare, medical and health sciences thematic, as well as infographics and illustrations depicting the main characteristics of health sciences and their role in saving human health, in prevention and treatment different diseases.

Pharmacy Illustrations

Succeed in drawing colorful and illustrative materials about pharmacy products, about diseases, their treatment and prevention with help of pharmaceutical and drugs, about baby care, nursing for diseased, with using the pharmacy clipart, pharmacy images, pharmacy pictures and pharmacy logo offered in quantity by Pharmacy Illustrations solution libraries.

CRM Center Dashboard

Succeed in drawing the CRM Dashboards and CRM Center Dashboards depicting current and actual companies information and data with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM CRM software supplied with CRM Center Dashboard solution.

Human Anatomy

Use Human Anatomy solution to design medicine and health care illustrations, infographics of human physiology and anatomy, and diagrams representing the structure of male and female bodies and physiological systems of the human organism.

Cash Flow Reports

Use this solution to generate the multifarious Cash Flow reports with a goal to control the project expenses by days, by resources, by tasks and to analyze effectively the project progress, the flow of finances within one project or several projects within a multiproject, and their compliance to allocated budget.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

This solution groups various types of diagrams and maps useful for creation informative and professional-looking Business Intelligence Dashboards.

Scrum Workflow

Succeed in applying Agile methodology and Scrum methodology for software development, and effectively design pictorial and attractive Scrum Charts, Scrum Workflow Diagrams, Scrum Infographics, Scrum Mind Maps, Scrum board with Scrum Workflow solution.

Network Security Diagrams

Depict and illustrate useful knowledge about network security, cyber security degrees, secure wireless network, represent the network security tips, develop new effective network security devices and IT security solutions, and share them easily with your colleagues and friends.

Cloud Computing Diagrams

Succeed in design Cloud Computing Diagrams, visually represent how cloud computing works and depict professionally Cloud Computing Architecture, with powerful tools of Cloud Computing Diagrams solution.

Azure Architecture

ConceptDraw teams up with Microsoft to bring the Azure Diagrams solution, a selection of Azure themed graphics and templates, allowing you to create effective Azure architecture diagrams.

Landscape & Garden

A solution for all budding horticulturalists. Before you start tearing up your lawn, use the Landscape & Garden solution to visualize a potential garden design or theme.

Customer Journey Mapping

Use the customer journey mapping methodology and succeed in understanding users’ needs and in improving your products with Customer Journey Mapping Solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM.

Interactive Voice Response Diagrams

Create a diagram that visualizes the logical structure of an interactive voice response system. A complex IVR system may have many different options available through voice recognition or button pressing responses — map them out with the help of this solution.

Cisco Network Diagrams

The Cisco Network Diagrams solution contains Cisco network symbols and icons to help you visualize computer network topology, equipment connections, and arrangement.

Reflected Ceiling Plans

Mind your head! Or not, if using this solution. Use it to map out light fixtures, ceiling structures and ventilation shafts.

Office Layout Plans

With office layouts becoming evermore unique and dynamic, it's useful to have a tool that allows full freedom of design. Not only can you arrange the office furnishing, but also important systems such as WIFI or telephone.

Fire and Emergency Plans

It's a good idea to have an emergency exit strategy in place for your home or business. ConceptDraw gives you the tools to create your own fire and emergency plan, tailored to your setting.

Cafe and Restaurant Floor Plans

Before you commit to a restaurant design, use ConceptDraw to visualize your dining area and kitchen. The best culinary experience comes from detailed planning.

Floor Plans

This solution allows you to visualize any domestic floor space, and to fill your design with a large variety of household elements. Create plans for a home, apartment, or hotel.

AWS Architecture Diagrams

The solution includes the icons Amazon notation suggests to be used when creating architecture diagrams describing your use of Amazon Web Services or Amazon Cloud Services.

PM Personal Time Management

Be effective in project management and personal time management, generate easily your personal To-Do lists, personal calendars, personal assignment lists, project checklists, and communicate with your colleagues using e-mail and sending project Microreports via e-mail with one click.

PM Dashboards

Demonstrating the dynamic capabilities of the ConceptDraw software suite, PM Dashboards uses DIAGRAM in conjunction with PROJECT to create live dashboards that can display project data to team members.

PM Planning

PM Planning combines features from PROJECT and MINDMAP, allowing you to export relevant parts of a project data as a mind map in a simple automated process. This helps keep team members up to date with project progress.

PM Meetings

The collaborative decisions made by project team are captured as a part of the meeting process and then distributed — this innovative process makes meetings more productive and keeps activities on track.

PM Presentations

Another solution to highlight the power of ConceptDraw software when used in combination — take project status slides from PROJECT, performance diagrams and charts from DIAGRAM, and collected information from MINDMAP, then use DIAGRAM or MINDMAP to combine all these elements into a single presentation.

PM Docs

Properly composed and professionally designed documentation describes all aspects of the project, involves a thorough analysis and discussion of project details with the project manager, team leader and other project employees before writing it, and as a result, contributes to improving the project effectiveness.

PM Agile

These visual tools assist in holding the Scrum-meetings, collaborative planning the sprints, maintaining backlog, calculating and reporting the velocity of the team. Moreover, intended for the companies using Agile methodology, specifically Scrum, the Product Owners, Scrum Masters, software developers, and management specialists.

PM Easy

The project management tool and available visual tools, such as mind mapping, increase the effectiveness of tracking and analysis your project tasks.