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Health area

Health is a precious asset of each human and each living being, as well as a basic condition of prosperous and happy life not only of individuals, but also of a society as a whole. The theme of health is widely studied by medicals, physicians and biologists of all over the world for many centuries. This is a multilateral and multiaspect term, a state of complete physical, mental, emotional, psychological and social well-being. Strong health ensures long, happy and active life, helping to solve successfully the basic life tasks, to execute the plans, to overcome difficulties, besides the working capacity and life duration depend directly from the health. The health is a resulting action of many internal and external factors, objective and subjective conditions, but at the same time, this is largely the result of human's own actions and his lifestyle, since the main task of preserving, strengthening and responsibility for the own health lies on the individual itself. A huge role in studying the structure of human organism, diverse processes occurring at the human body, as well as the influence of external factors on the health, belongs to the opportunity of visualization and illustration all aspects.

The Health Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park collects solutions containing samples, templates and numerous libraries with vector objects and clipart perfect for designing the illustrations, diagrams and infographics devoted to the human's anatomy, its health, longevity and healthy lifestyle, keeping physical, emotional and psychological health, emotional harmony, avoiding harmful habits, adherence the principles of correct and rational nutrition, and many other science, medical, biomedicine and pharmacy illustrations.

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Health Informatics

Use this solution to succeed in healthcare design of diagrams, schematics, flow charts, workflow charts, block diagrams, infographics, illustrations, and presentations slides in healthcare informatics field.