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Industrial Engineering area

Solutions from the Industrial Engineering Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park collect templates, samples and libraries of design elements from the most popular engineering fields, such as: electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, schematics and technical drawings, that help you to illustrate the technical documentation of an engineering project.

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Basic Circuit Diagrams new-label

The solution’s internationally standardized electrical symbols including resistor symbol, diode symbol, inductor, amplifier, and more are effective for electrical engineering, designing electrical circuit diagram, electrical schematic, wiring diagram, electronic schematics, and more.

Power Сircuits new-label

This solution includes powerful drawing tools, circuit symbols and electrical symbols of transformers, electric generators, electrical motors, transmission lines, and more equipment. They simplify Power Circuit Diagram design, displaying the functional parts and connections in electrical circuit, principles of operation of electrical and power mechanisms, one-phase and three-phase power generation.

Home Automation and Wiring

Use solution to develop modern solutions and implement innovations for home automation, construct electrical diagram for a smart home system, wiring diagrams. Included collection of electrical symbols, wiring diagram symbols, home automation equipment, home appliances, light switches, and more is a real assistant to construct the electrical schematic.

Telecom and AV Circuits new-label

Design and visualize telecom networks and audio-video equipment efficiently and maximize performance, develop equipment for electrical engineering, telecom and AV construct schematics and diagrams including 3 way switch diagram with pre-made symbols of audio, video, TV and telegraph equipment, antennas, antenna TV, etc.

Electronic Block Diagrams new-label

Simple electrical engineering, electronic equipment design, description structure, information flow, energy, pulse train are now a reality thanks to the electronic and electrical symbols of electronic blocks, amplifiers, repeaters, converters, pulses, and much more offered by solution libraries.

Digital Electronics

Develop schematics for digital electronics circuits, decoder, analog to digital converter, logic diagram designs easily and effectively using digital electrical symbols of integrated circuit and connections, logic gate symbols of different kinds, electronic logic and flip flop symbols.

Analog Electronics new-label

Design effectively analog electronic circuits, electrical engineering diagrams, electronic engineering designs, and analog circuits schematics using solution’s pre-made special objects and analog electronics symbols.

Electron Tube Circuits

The solution’s internationally standardized symbols of gas-filled tubes, vacuum tubes, and their components including diode, triode, photodiode, gamma-ray detector tube, tetrodes, pentodes, and more. It is effective for electrical engineering, designing, circuit diagrams, electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, electronic schematics, and more.

One-line Diagrams new-label

This solution is a powerful help for power engineering and helps in one-line drawing. Use the included electrical symbol elements to create One-line Diagram, Single-line Diagram, Electrical diagram, or electrical engineering diagram with no sweat.

Audio and Video Connectors

A selection of clipart audio connection devices, jacks and ports are available in this solution, allowing you to map out the configuration of your audio system.

Chemical and Process Engineering

This solution contains elements relating to instrumentation, containers, piping and distribution necessary for chemical engineering, and can be used to map out chemical processes.

Electrical Engineering

The graphics elements found in the Electrical Engineering solution can help you design electrical schematics, circuit and wiring blueprints, power systems diagrams, and maintenance and repair diagrams.

Fault Tree Analysis Diagrams

Fault tree analysis diagrams help you analyze the probability of functional system failures and safety accidents. This solution contains the standardized symbols needed for this type of diagram.

GHS Hazard Pictograms

This solution is ideal for designing warning announcements, signboards, posters, precautionary declarations, regulatory documents with use of standard GHS pictograms.

Mechanical Engineering

Use this solution to create professional mechanical engineering documents, with elements relating to valve assembly, pumps and motors, dimensioning and tolerance, bearings, and welding.

Transport Hazard Pictograms

Use the Transport Hazard Pictograms solution to succeed in designing the infographics and diagrams for warning signboards and announcements related with safety of transportation the chemicals and chemical goods.

Specification and Description Language (SDL)

For systems engineers working to technical standards, the Specification and Description Language solution is on hand to provide professional vector graphics and design elements.