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Correlation Dashboard

Any dependence in statistics is known to be some kind of a statistical relationship between two bivariate data or random variables. Correlation is known as a part of the statistical relationships that involve dependence. In more common usage it may also refer to the way two variables are placed to each other so they can have a linear relationship with each other.

The most popular examples of such dependent phenomena may include the correlation between the physical statures of parents and their children. Also, a correlation may appear between the price for a product and its demand.

Correlations are very useful for a reason of being able to indicate a predictive relationship. Such relationship can be always exploited in practice and an example for it may be an electrical utility that can produce less power on a mild day which is known from the correlation between weather and electricity demand.

For those users who intend to capture a UEM data, the UEM Correlation Overview dashboard may be created in order to show a variety of UEM capacity data so it may give an opportunity to get an overall picture of UEM deployment as a whole. Such dashboard may include such data as the Queued UEM Events, the Processed User Actions, the Dropped/Skipped User Actions, the Visits, User’s Action Correlation Time, UEM Correlation Activity — Web Requests, UEM Correlation Activity — CPU, Processed Web Requests and Beacons as well as the Visit Analysis.

Correlation Dashboard solution can be used while creating the dashboards in the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and drawing software. This solution contains the set of the Live Objects that were designed for helping to visualize a predictive relationship between two numerical parameters of items from one or few series by using the Scatter Plot Charts.


The samples you see on this page were obtained by connecting a sample data source to templates from the Correlation Dashboard solution, to demonstrate some of the solution's capabilities and the results you can achieve.

These documents are vector graphic documents, created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM using ConceptDraw Live Objects technology. They are available for modifying, reviewing and/or converting to many different formats, such as MS PowerPoint, PDF file, MS Visio, and many other graphic ones from the ConceptDraw Solution Park or ConceptDraw STORE. The Correlation Dashboard solution is available to all ConceptDraw DIAGRAM users to get installed and used while working in the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and drawing software.

You can download sample data sources for all dashboards to see how changes made to data effect dashboard appearance.

Example 1: Correlation Dashboard — Café Dashboard

This sample was created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM using the Correlation Dashboard solution, and demonstrates the solution's capabilities and the results you can achieve using this solution. All the charts on this page change automatically when the data source changes.

This café performance dashboard contains four scatter plots. The scatter plots show how air temperature affects the café’s business metrics: people amount, beverage consumption and sale, ice cream consumption.

Correlation Dashboard — Café Dashboard



Meet ConceptDraw Visual Dashboards

What I need to get started

Both ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and drawing software and the Correlation Dashboard solution can help creating the visual dashboard you need. The Correlation Dashboard solution can be found in the Dashboards area of ConceptDraw STORE application that can be downloaded from this site. Make sure that both ConceptDraw DIAGRAM and ConceptDraw STORE applications are installed on your computer before you get started.

How to install

After ConceptDraw STORE and ConceptDraw DIAGRAM are downloaded and installed, you can install the Correlation Dashboard solution from the ConceptDraw STORE.

Correlation Dashboard solution - Install

Start using

To make sure that you are doing it all right, use the pre-designed symbols from the stencil libraries from the solution to make your drawings look smart and professional. Also, the pre-made examples from this solution can be used as drafts so your own drawings can be based on them. Using the samples, you can always change their structures, colors and data.

Correlation Dashboard solution - Start Using

What is it?

Any ConceptDraw Live Object Library consists of Live Objects, the special graphic objects that can change their appearance depending on external data. The Library contains the set of Live Objects designed to visualize a predictive relationship between two numerical parameters of items from one or few series, using Scatter Plot Charts.

Why use it?

Use these Live Objects to build and display the Correlation Charts according to your quantitative data. Include these charts into corporate and team dashboards to shows whether the relationship between two numerical parameters of items follows or not the normally expected pattern.

Correlation Comparison

«A correlation comparison shows whether the relationship between two variables follows — or fails to follow — the pattern you would normally expect  <...>
Whenever your message includes words like related to, increases with, decreases with, changes with, varies with, or the converse such as doesn’t increase with, it’s an instant clue that you’re showing a correlation comparison»

Gene Zelazny
Say It With Charts: The Executive's Guide to Visual Communication
4th Edition
McGraw-Hill | 2001. P. 22.

Here is some advice on how to select the chart type for your Corellation Comparison:

  • Use a Bar Chart to show few data points
  • Use an XY Scatter Chart to show many data points.