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Business Infographics Package

12 solutions, 132 libraries, 3786 vector object and icons, 191 examples and templates.

Graphics Package includes solutions:

Economy Infographics, Education Infographics, Financial Infographics, Management Infographics, Marketing Infographics, Mass Media Infographics, Politics Infographics, Travel Infographics, Oil and Gas, Green Energy, Energy Industry Infographics, Business Diagrams.

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Graphics Package intended for:

Architects and building engineers to develop building documentation, floor plans and building blueprints; designers, technologists, mechanicals, builders, gardeners, cafe and restaurant owners, telecommunications managers, technicians, electricians, plumbers, teachers and students of construction and design specialties, marketing experts, gym instructors, fitness trainers, health and beauty services specialists; landscape designers and interior designers to help depict bright and innovative design solutions, make beautiful design proposals and represent the most daring design ideas, to communicate ideas and concepts that relate to construction and design, explain requirements to a building contractor and builders; supervisors to record completed work, and make a record of what currently exists.

Graphic Package major topics:

Floor plans, furniture and equipment layouts, interior designs, office floor plans, office layouts, office designs, office space plans, small office design plans, home office plans, private office plans, office wireless network plans, open office plans, cafe and restaurant floor plans, cafe interior design plans, food court plans, nightclub plans, outdoor area plans, patio plans, training rooms plans, fitness center plans, gym and spa area plans, gym workout plans, spa design plans, reflected ceiling plans, office reflected ceiling plan layout, home reflective ceiling plans, plumbing plans, water supply plans, piping plans, PVC pipe plans, PVC pipe furniture plans, plumbing floor plan, half pipe plans, pipe bender plan, plumbing layout plans, water heating diagrams, ventilation plans, ventilation duct system plans, air conditioning plans, HVAC blueprints, HVAC sketches, HVAC designs, HVAC floor plans, HVAC business plans, HVAC marketing plans, site planning and technical drawings regarding architecture and building engineering, landscape and garden designs, garden layouts, water communication plans, path layout plans, outdoor recreation space designs.

What is ConceptDraw Graphical Package?

ConceptDraw Graphical Package is a kit of solutions selected for a specific industry or profession. There are number of solutions selected from ConceptDraw Solution Park which are important for efficiently creating major diagrams of the industry. It extends the capability of ConceptDraw software with vector graphic objects, samples and tools. It requires ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software to be installed on your computer.

ConceptDraw Graphical Package allows you to get started in one click with a number of valuable solutions and graphics details for a specific industry or profession. Also, the package price usually provides significant savings compared to separated one-by-one purchases of solutions from ConceptDraw Solution Park.

List of Solutions:

Economy Infographics Solution

Evaluate all benefits from the use of the solution when designing clear and impressive Economy infographic examples, diagrams, illustrations, presentations, economic system designs, best infographics in economic activities, market economy, digital economy and business.

There are 6 stencil libraries containing 316 vector objects and 10 examples in the Economy Infographics solution.

Energy Industry Infographics Solution

Easily create energy-related business infographics, diagrams, and illustrations using predesigned energy icons and industry symbols. Create professionally-designed electrical power industry diagrams, energy distribution schematics, electrical substation diagram, energy intelligence dashboards, electricity grid schematics for documents and presentations. Large collection of included industry icons is indispensable for all professionals working in energy industry.

There are 9 stencil libraries containing 174 vector objects and 17 examples in the Energy Industry Infographics solution.

Mass Media Infographics Solution

Design easily the impressive mass media and social media content, share it on your websites and social media sites, succeed in social media marketing, social media management, digital media marketing, interact effectively with your target audience through social platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, get likes and get into the top in media charts.

There are 7 stencil libraries containing 301 vector objects and 15 examples in the Mass Media Infographics solution.

Oil and Gas Solution

Use this solution to design oil and gas industry infographics, illustrations, presentations, diagrams, reports. Construct oil and gas graphics, illustrate the growth strategies and trends in the oil industry, results of energy forums. Make analysis and generate forecasts in the energy industry using the pre-made oil and gas symbols.

There are 8 stencil libraries containing 234 vector objects and 15 examples in the Oil and Gas solution.

Politics Infographics Solution

Focus on the visuality in political science, make attractive, creative and effective politics infographics, diagrams, presentations, illustrations, outline the main points of programs of political parties, country's foreign policy, identity politics, illustrate and present political polls results, or depict political news easily with solution’s tools.

There are 8 stencil libraries containing 358 vector objects and 10 examples in the Politics Infographics solution.

Travel Infographics Solution

Create in minutes exceptional travel infographics, business travel infographics, travel illustrations, diagrams, schematics, plans, presentations, maps, posters, billboards, advertising, marketing, and other materials related with travel and tourism, outdoor activities and extreme sports using the best Travel Infographics solution.

There are 14 stencil libraries containing 443 vector objects and 10 examples in the Travel Infographics solution.

Business Diagrams Solution

Build and develop your business easily and with pleasure, describe the business processes, visualize the results of company’s work, compare and analyze the business characteristics and economic indicators, and track your business development in dynamics with the help of Business Diagrams Solution and Bubble Diagrams, Circle-Spoke Diagrams, Circular Arrows Diagrams, and Venn Diagrams that are designed with its help in just minutes.

There are 4 libraries containing 67 vector shapes, 50 examples and templates in the Business Diagrams solution.

Green Energy Solution

Apply solution tools to design colorful green energy infographics and illustrations about solar power, wind power, hydropower, tidal power, and more types of renewable energy and cleaner energy. Illustrate the principle of work of energy generation equipment including how do solar panels work.

There are 14 libraries containing 272 vector shapes and 15 examples in the Green Energy solution.