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Statistical Charts area

Statistics is an incredibly popular modern industry that uses numerous effective ways of studying and methods of exploration objects, phenomena, and processes of collecting, storing, summarizing and processing precise data. Statistics allows structuring data in a form convenient for the further analysis, these are the tables, statistical charts, graphs, geometric shapes. The statistical methods are effective and actively used in business, planning, and management, they allow obtaining the objective estimates and to give forecasts as possible accurate and close to the reality.

The most common and visual way to display graphically the statistical information are the graphs and charts. The statistical graphs are classified according to the number of features, including the method of construction, the form of applied graphical figures and the nature of solved problems. Among the widely used Statistical Charts there are Area Charts representing data as a series of points connected by straight lines and filling the area between them and the axis; Bar Graphs depicting the categories of data using the bars with lengths proportional to their values; Divided Bar Diagrams that is represented as rectangle divided into the parts in proportion to the data; Histograms representing the distribution of data and depicting the data intervals (bins) as rectangles with the areas proportional to the frequency of observations falling into the corresponding intervals; Line Graphs showing the dependence of two variables on a 2D graph as points connected by the straight line segments; Picture Graphs using pictures and clipart to visualize the data categories; Pie Charts having a disk form and divided into sectors in proportion to the total amount; Scatter Diagrams displaying the data set as a collection of points in Cartesian coordinates.

Statistical Charts Area extends greatly abilities of the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM's users providing a wide variety of high-functional solutions intended for drawing different types of Statistical Charts, such as Area Charts, Bar Graphs, Divided Bar Diagrams, Histograms, Line Graphs, Picture Graphs, Pie Charts, and Scatter Diagrams.

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