ConceptDraw Solution Park is an online collection of professional solutions for knowledge workers, designed to find and install product extensions for ConceptDraw products.

ConceptDraw Solution Park contains solutions and learning materials on how to use these extensions to ConceptDraw products. ConceptDraw Solution Park helps with all the administrative tasks for your products. To guide you through ConceptDraw Solution Park, we provide you with the ConceptDraw Solution Browser that identifies what you have on your system, what is available from a product and solution perspective, and assists in the installation of trials and products on your system.

Free Solutions

Specification and Description Language (SDL)

For systems engineers working to technical standards, the Specification and Description Language solution is on hand to provide professional vector graphics and design elements.


ConceptDraw PRO aids system engineers by offering a comprehensive selection of graphic icons, samples and templates based upon the Systems Modeling Language.

Website Wireframe

Before there is a website, there is content. Before content, there is a plan. To make a plan, there is the Website Wireframe solution for ConceptDraw PRO.

Food Court

A mouth-watering selection of food and beverage related clipart. Healthy eating or fast food, it's up to you, we provide all the ingredients.

Azure Architecture

ConceptDraw teams up with Microsoft to bring the Azure Diagrams solution, a selection of Azure themed graphics and templates, allowing you to create effective Azure architecture diagrams.

Android User Interface‏

The Android User Interface solution is available for any gadget-loving ConceptDraw PRO user who needs to create a mobile technology themed design.

Mac OS X User Interface

This solution allows you to produce a perfect representation of a Mac user interface, using the icons found on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Windows 8 User Interface

Enables you to design professional looking Windows 8 user interface design patterns for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

iPhone User Interface

iPhone users can show off their products latest features using the illustrations found in this solution.


For any soccer themed drawing, this solution is ideal. Use the graphic icons to show formations, tactics, teams and pitches.

Ice Hockey

Create illustrations featuring a marked ice rink and hockey player positions.


Inside this solutions are basketball court graphics and icons marking the different player positions.


ConceptDraw takes you out to the ball game, with vector artwork featuring baseball diamonds and fielding positions.


Tackle the gridiron using this solution - marked football pitches and player position icons are available.

Visio Exchange

ConceptDraw PRO v10 also has a new file format (CDDZ) which is much smaller in size, this makes it easier to handle large graphic files that contain large amounts of information.

Winter Sports

The spirit of the Olympics is alive through this solution, allowing you to illustrate your drawings with sports action graphics, or simple icons.


There is a festive theme to this drawing solution, with graphics to help you design holiday greetings cards, blog posts and websites, or presentations.

Rapid UML

Create Unified Modeling Language diagrams quickly and effectively using this solution, which combines with the powerful RapidDraw technology from ConceptDraw PRO.

Metro Map

Taking advantage of the powerful PRO software, the Metro Maps solution allows you to create a map of a subway system using a one-click tool to add stations and lines.

Audio and Video Connectors

A selection of clipart audio connection devices, jacks and ports are available in this solution, allowing you to map out the configuration of your audio system.

Seven Management and Planning Tools

This solution contains seven business-oriented diagrams that help you to solve complex management problems. It comprises of an affinity diagram, relations diagram, prioritization matrix, root cause analysis tree diagram, involvement matrix, PERT Chart, and a risk diagram.

SWOT and TOWS Matrix Diagrams

SWOT diagrams help identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to a specific subject or business.

Fishbone Diagrams

Use this solution to help create fishbone diagrams of any complexity, that are useful for cause and effect analysis.

Accounting Flowcharts

A solution useful for accountant who need to produce flowcharts showing payment, purchase order, or procurement processes.

Sales Dashboard

The Sales Dashboard contains a set of templates designed to visualize the performance of a sales department. This solution includes a library with pre-designed objects for composing your own sale dashboard.

Data-driven Infographics

Present your information in a data-led manner. Use graphs, charts and statistical comparison to convey your ideas.

Typography Infographics

Useful for a more text driven infographic. Helpful in clearly marking and grouping blocks of text.

Pictorial Infographics

Contains a number of simple explanatory icons, that emphasise points made on an infographic.

Quality Mind Map

This solution for ConceptDraw MINDMAP helps you create mind maps that identify, track, and address quality initiatives in your organization, and create an overview of the quality control process.

Telecommunication Network Diagrams

Create a diagram depicting telecommunication on any scale. From call centers to GPS navigation systems, TV networks to satellite communication, wireless broadband to radio linking.

Rack Diagrams

A rack diagrams can visualize the rack mounting of computer and network equipment as a frontal view of the rack, with the equipment installed. You can decide the best configuration before beginning the physical task.

Network Layout Floor Plans

This solution allows you to create a computer network blue print of your home or business. Create an overview of the connections between computers, modems and routers with a workspace.

Cisco Network Diagrams

The Cisco Network Diagrams solution contains Cisco network symbols and icons to help you visualize computer network topology, equipment connections, and arrangement.

Active Directory Diagrams

Document the structure of Microsoft Windows networks, Active Directory domains, Organizational Units (OU), and Exchange Server organization. Manage the controlled access to printers and files, access and security, network equipment maintenance and repair, and data backup, storage, and recovery.

Workflow Diagrams

Use this solution to create a diagram that shows a work process in it's entirety — each step of a task, the people responsible for it, and the resources involved, shown in a step-by-step visual manner.

Total Quality Management TQM Diagrams

The Total Quality Management solution helps you and your organization visualize business and industrial processes using mind maps. TQM Diagrams demonstrate quality control in a step-by-step, visual manner.

Timeline Diagrams

Timelines present events and time periods on a chronological scale. Timeline diagrams are used in project management to visualize project milestones and upper level phases, and show project progress.

Target and Circular Diagrams

Contains templates and icons to help you create a variety of target or circular diagrams, including - target diagrams, daily schedule charts, Macro-Micro environmental forces diagrams, market scope diagrams, ring chart, and stakeholder diagrams.

Pyramid Diagrams

Pyramid diagrams help you visualize information as a triangle divided into horizontal slices. Labelled slices represent a hierarchy. Pyramids are used in marketing presentations to show and analyze hierarchy levels.

Organizational Charts

It helps you to show the relationships of positions in an organization in terms of authority and responsibility. Organizational charts are typically used to provide both employees and individuals outside of the organization with a snapshot overview of relationships, divisions of work, and levels of management.

Marketing Diagrams

Contains templates and icons to help you create a variety of marketing diagrams, including - branding strategies diagrams, Porter’s Five Forces models, ladder of customer loyalty, Leaky Bucket diagrams, Six Markets models, and sources of customer satisfaction diagrams.


Contains templates and icons to help you create a variety of business matrix diagrams, including - Ansoff matrix, BCG matrix, competitive strategies matrix, deployment charts, Porter's value chain diagrams, and positioning maps.

IDEF0 Diagrams

IDEF0 Diagrams visualize system models using the Integration Definition for Function Modeling (IDEF) methodology. Use them for analysis, development and integration of information and software systems, and business process modelling.

Fault Tree Analysis Diagrams

Fault tree analysis diagrams help you analyze the probability of functional system failures and safety accidents. This solution contains the standardized symbols needed for this type of diagram.

Enterprise Architecture Diagrams

This solution allows you to create diagrams that deal with fundamental business strategy. You can plan and analyse the development and execution of your business processes.


Plan the days ahead with the Calendars solution; use ConceptDraw PRO to design and fill your business calendar.

Audit Flowcharts

The Audit Flowcharts solution helps you create auditing diagrams for fiscal information tracking, decision making, financial inventories and documenting Six Sigma and ISO 9000 business processes.

Value Stream Mapping

Value stream maps visualize the material and information flow required through a manufacturing plant to deliver a product/service to customers. This solution will assist with lean manufacturing methodology, to analyze and identify process improvement opportunities.

Language Learning

Visualize the grammatical structure of a sentence. Create a sentence diagram to show the separate parts of speech in a sentence and their relationship to one another.


Put this solution to use when drawing physics diagrams, or educational illustrations of mechanical, nuclear, optical and electrical processes and experiments.


Inside this solution are plane and solid geometric figures, mathematical symbols, and trigonometrical functions to help create mathematical diagrams, tape diagrams, and mathematic illustrations for scientific and educational purposes.


Create scientific and educational images, chemistry related drawings, schemes and diagrams of chemical and biological lab set-ups and labware, formulas, reaction schemes, and molecular structures.


Visually explain complex knowledge regarding biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, molecular and cell biology, genomics and proteomics, and biotechnology.

Directional Maps

Use this solution to create maps of road-based transit routes. Add information to your drawing with road-sign icons, buildings, and vehicles.

Safety and Security

Go health and safety mad with this set of graphics depicting fire and road safety equipment.

Presentation Clipart

Contains simple, bold icons that can be used to clearly and effectively emphasise notes made on a presentation.


'Without people you're nothing' said Joe Strummer, and we agree. So we made this solution to allow you to illustrate your drawing with people in many forms; as workers, as icons, or using hand gestures.


Brave the elements with the Nature solution. A collection of wilderness and weather related graphics.

Manufacturing and Maintenance

An industrial themed selection of clipart, with heavy good vehicles, tools and machinery.


The Artwork solution features an eclectic mix of icons and graphics, ready to use for your presentation or illustration needs. Subjects include alphabets, cartoon animals, food, transport, flags and buildings.

Mechanical Engineering

Use this solution to create professional mechanical engineering documents, with elements relating to valve assembly, pumps and motors, dimensioning and tolerance, bearings, and welding.

Electrical Engineering

The graphics elements found in the Electrical Engineering solution can help you design electrical schematics, circuit and wiring blueprints, power systems diagrams, and maintenance and repair diagrams.


All the icons, symbols and connectors needed for creating standardized notation flowcharts are contained within this solution.

Concept Maps

Concept maps act a bit like a brainstorm, allowing you to visualize relationships that occur in a concept. They are often used to organize and present knowledge.

Security and Access Plans

Big Brother is watching you! Design, control and modify every aspect of an internal security system using this solution.

Plant Layout Plans

A factory plant might contain various elements including heavy goods vehicles, picking cranes, conveyor belts, and machinery - all of which can be included in a design using the Plant Layout solution.

Fire and Emergency Plans

It's a good idea to have an emergency exit strategy in place for your home or business. ConceptDraw gives you the tools to create your own fire and emergency plan, tailored to your setting.

Electric and Telecom Plans

Design and manage household or business electrical systems using this solution. Map out anything from ambient lighting to audio systems to switch layouts.

Data Flow Diagrams (DFD)

Another useful solution for system designers, with icons and connectors available to help you map out a system's data flow.


Reach for the stars with our galactic themed solution. Use it to help you create scientific and educational astronomy designs, or to add illustrations to astronomy presentations.

Continent Maps

The world is at your fingertips with this solution. Illustrate your drawing with filled outlines of nations, continents and lakes, or flags of all nationalities.

Aerospace and Transport

A group of icons dedicated to air and space travel. Illustrate your design with planes, rockets, telescopes and space stations.

Chemical and Process Engineering

This solution contains elements relating to instrumentation, containers, piping and distribution necessary for chemical engineering, and can be used to map out chemical processes.

Block Diagrams

This solution contains graphics and notation needed to create block diagrams, that can visualize high level concepts of business, engineering, and software system design.

Spatial Infographics

For infographics that require map or road network elements, or to convey some piece of geographical knowledge.

eLearning for Skype

Create educational materials using ConceptDraw MINDMAP, then present the content to students using the eLearning for Skype solution.

Remote Presentation for Skype

With this solution, you can share your MINDMAP presentation with a conference call taken through Skype. Each user will download the presentation to their computer, which they can then interact with during the meeting.

Note Exchange

Upload your mind maps to Evernote, and remotely access them from anywhere with your mobile device. You can upload a single or multiple topics, topics with subtopics, a whole single page mind map, or a multi page document.

ConceptDraw Dashboard for Facebook

This is a template for ConceptDraw PRO you can connect to your data source. Each time your data source changes, the dashboard will automatically change it's appearance.

AWS Architecture Diagrams

The solution includes the icons Amazon notation suggests to be used when creating architecture diagrams describing your use of Amazon Web Services or Amazon Cloud Services.

Word Exchange

Use this solution with ConceptDraw MINDMAP to transform notes made in an MS Word document into a structured mind map; it's also possible to reverse the process.

Time Series Dashboard

Using the Time Series Dashboard solution in combination with ConceptDraw's Live Objects technology allows you to create dynamic dashboards attached to outside data sources. The time series dashboard uses a single screen to integrate column charts, line charts, bar charts and dot plots.

Status Dashboard

Status dashboards use a single screen to integrate graphic status indicators such as alerts, traffic lights, and progress & rating indicators, acting on information found in external data sources.

Spatial Dashboard

Spatial dashboards helps you to visualize spatial info on thematic maps, which show how your data varies across territories, or displays the variability within regions.

Meter Dashboard

The Meter Dashboard solution allows you to show data through graphic key performance indicators such as gauges, meters, bullets and sliders.

Frequency Distribution Dashboard

The Frequency Distribution Dashboard solution uses a single screen to display your source data through histograms and area charts, useful for displaying resource values.

Correlation Dashboard

Correlation Dashboard contains a set of live objects designed to visualize a predictive relationship between two numerical parameters from one or a few series, using scatter plot charts.

Composition Dashboard

This solution groups various types of composition charts into one dashboard - you van view your data through bar charts, pie charts or divided bar charts.

Comparison Dashboard

This solution integrates charts and graphs from all Dashboard solutions onto a single document, allowing for the comparison and analysis of relevant data.

Computer Network Diagrams

A comprehensive set of graphics covering all elements of computer networking. Create diagrams containing computer hardware, user inputs and communication devices.

Mind Map Exchange

This solution allows you to import mind maps made with ConceptDraw into a wide range of other mind mapping software.

Social Media Response

The Social Media Response solution offers a methodology for creating action mind maps; an interactive and demonstrative way of collating and responding to customer feedback.

Presentation Exchange

Import your Microsoft® PowerPoint® files into ConceptDraw MINDMAP using this solution, and view your presentation in the mind map format.

Project Exchange

Project Exchange allows for collaboration between a variety of software. This plug-in enable you to import and export files between ConceptDraw PROJECT and MINDMAP, MS Project, and MindJet MindManager.


Brainstorm a social media marketing strategy using ConceptDraw MINDMAP, then use the MindTweet solution to automate the process, upload it to Twitter in a structured, dynamic fashion.

PM Dashboards

Demonstrating the dynamic capabilities of the ConceptDraw software suite, PM Dashboards uses PRO in conjunction with PROJECT to create live dashboards that can display project data to team members.

PM Planning

PM Planning combines features from PROJECT and MINDMAP, allowing you to export relevant parts of a project data as a mind map in a simple automated process. This helps keep team members up to date with project progress.

PM Presentations

Another solution to highlight the power of ConceptDraw software when used in combination - take project status slides from PROJECT, performance diagrams and charts from PRO, and collected information from MINDMAP, then use PRO or MINDMAP to combine all these elements into a single presentation.

PM Response

By feeding project data into MINDMAP through the PM response solution, it is possible to analyze iteration planning, discuss project layout approaches, and solve project challenges.