New Paid Solutions

Pharmacy Illustrations

Succeed in drawing colorful and illustrative materials about pharmacy products, about diseases, their treatment and prevention with help of pharmaceutical and drugs, about baby care, nursing for diseased, with using the pharmacy clipart, pharmacy images, pharmacy pictures and pharmacy logo offered in quantity by Pharmacy Illustrations solution libraries.

CRM Center Dashboard

Succeed in drawing the CRM Dashboards and CRM Center Dashboards depicting current and actual companies information and data with ConceptDraw PRO CRM software supplied with CRM Center Dashboard solution.

Human Anatomy

Use Human Anatomy solution to design medicine and health care illustrations, infographics of human physiology and anatomy, and diagrams representing the structure of male and female bodies and physiological systems of the human organism.

HR Dashboard

Use the power of HR Dashboard solution to design professional looking and attractive HR Dashboards of any style and degree of detalization, using collection of comprehensive vector design elements, icons, pictograms and objects, navigation elements, live objects of HR charts, HR indicators, and thematic maps offered by HR Dashboard solution libraries.

Healthcare Management Workflow Diagrams

Use Healthcare Management Workflow Diagrams solution to display the processes occurring in a human body, medical algorithms on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various illnesses, ailments, syndromes, and other disorders in convenient and transparent form of Healthcare Management Flowcharts, Mediсal Workflow Diagrams and Block Diagrams.

Financial Infographics

Accelerate your success in visualization of financial data and statistics, and vivify your financial reports, presentations and analytic documents with modern and convenient financial infographics drawing tools of Financial Infographics solution.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Use the Tilt and Turn Windows solution to design the main source of sunlight and simultaneously the decoration of any building - windows and windows constructions of any configuration.

Logistic Dashboard

Achieve the great success in logistics management, in analyzing logistic processes and designing Logistic dashboards, Logistic maps, Logistic charts, diagrams and infographics with Logistic Dashboard solution.


Succeed in drawing various chess illustrations and play chess online with your friend, child or colleague using the Chess solution for ConceptDraw PRO software.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

This solution groups various types of diagrams and maps useful for creation informative and professional-looking Business Intelligence Dashboards.

Logistics Flow Charts

Use Logistics Flow Charts solution for designing attractive Logistics Flow Charts and Diagrams for your enterprise, and effectively use them to make your business successful, to promote the goods and services, and to enhance the economic stability on the market.

Business Process Workflow Diagrams

Achieve a success in business analysis, documenting complex business processes and process flows, business process optimization and drawing Business Process Workflow Diagram, Business Process Flow Diagram, schematics, flowcharts, and infographics with Business Process Workflow Diagrams solution for ConceptDraw PRO software.

Scrum Workflow

Succeed in applying Agile methodology and Scrum methodology for software development, and effectively design pictorial and attractive Scrum Charts, Scrum Workflow Diagrams, Scrum Infographics, Scrum Mind Maps, Scrum board with Scrum Workflow solution.

Network Security Diagrams

Depict and illustrate useful knowledge about network security, cyber security degrees, secure wireless network, represent the network security tips, develop new effective network security devices and IT security solutions, and share them easily with your colleagues and friends.

Cloud Computing Diagrams

Succeed in design Cloud Computing Diagrams, visually represent how cloud computing works and depict professionally Cloud Computing Architecture, with powerful tools of Cloud Computing Diagrams solution.

Stakeholder Onion Diagrams

This solution with colorful stakeholder icons and stakeholder onion diagrams vector objects helps in the field of stakeholder management and allows effectively realize the onion diagram process design, easily create informative and vivid Stakeholder Diagrams, Onion Diagrams on the base of stakeholder onion diagram template.

Germany Map

Succeed in designing the map of Germany and thematic maps depicting useful reference information concerning Germany, with Germany Map solution.

UK Map

Create easily the United Kingdom map, the map of England, map of Scotland, map of Wales, Northern Ireland map, depict visually the borders of countries, capitals and major cities and show their names.

Health Food

Design eye-catching health food illustrations and decorate healthy food recipes with help of predesigned bright and appetizing healthy foods clipart.

Cooking Recipes

Decorate delectable diagrams with a feast of culinary clipart, and take inspiration from our tasty menu of pre-designed recipe samples and templates.

Seven Basic Tools of Quality

Achieve quality results by using a quality solution. The Seven Basic Tools promote high standards throughout your business, using basic graphical techniques that are recognizable to employees from all departments.

Business Process Mapping

A versatile collection of libraries and templates, that allow you to create business process and SIPOC diagrams, using the Six Sigma methodology.

Australia Map

Take a trip Down Under with our Australia Map solution, that includes a library of scalable vector graphics depicting states, territories, and major cities.

USA Maps

Explore the New World with the U.S.A. Maps solution. ConceptDraw provide scaled, detailed U.S. state maps, that can form the base of thematic diagrams or infographics.

HR Flowcharts

The HR Flowcharts solution is an incredibly powerful tool for those who need to analyze or present human resource process flows in a visually effective manner.

Sales Flowcharts

This solution allows the user complete freedom when outlining the sales process, or sales steps, through a flowchart designed with ConceptDraw PRO. Clear, concise designs are guaranteed with the wide selection of graphic libraries and templates.

ATM UML Diagrams

The ATM UML Diagrams solution is useful for banking industry software specialists, who need to design and build ATM solutions and systems.

IDEF Business Process Diagrams

The IDEF Business Process Diagrams solution is suitable for any user who needs to capture and record business processes and system architecture.

Landscape & Garden

A solution for all budding horticulturalists. Before you start tearing up your lawn, use the Landscape & Garden solution to visualize a potential garden design or theme.

25 Typical Orgcharts

Whatever the size, scope or structure of your business, the 25 Typical Orgcharts solution gives you the tools to professionally chart an organization's hierarchy. 25 distinct templates means you won't be lacking for inspiration.

Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Map out a database using an entity-relationship model, using standard Chen's and Crow's Foot notations.

Event-driven Process Chain Diagrams

A simple but effective diagram, EPC's show a process as a series of events or questions, ideal for depicting logical software processes like logging on or ordering a product.

Cross-Functional Flowcharts

Using this type of flowchart allows you to map a workflow across different divisions, tying together different functions of a business into an overall plan.

Scatter Diagrams

A scatter diagram displays data sets as a collection of points, with Cartesian coordinates determined by the values for two variables. Use it to identify potential linear and nonlinear relationships between variables. This solution helps you create diagrams that visualize how a change in one variable affects another.

Pie Charts

The Pie Charts solution allows you to create charts that can be used in statistics, business, and mass media for composition comparison (i.e. to visualize the percentage for the parts of one total).

Picture Graphs

Pictures and icons can be used to emphasise the information displayed on a bar chart. For instance, you can use coins and banknotes to represent finance, or people icons for population comparison - this is catered for within the solution.

Line Graphs

Use a line graph to show how one variable is affected by another as it increases or decreases. Line graphs are used to compare two variables, where each variable is plotted on a 2d graph. They are most useful when displaying data or information that changes continuously over time.


A histogram is useful if you need to represent data broken into intervals. A histogram is drawn with rectangles (3-d blocks, cylinders etc) side-by-side with the area of each rectangle being proportional to the frequency of the observations that fall into that corresponding interval. They are often used to plot data that spans several periods (days, weeks, months, years).

Divided Bar Diagrams

A divided bar graph is a rectangle divided into smaller rectangles along its length in proportion to the data. Divided bars are used for visual representation of numerical data.

Bar Graphs

Bar graphs or charts are a popular way of presenting data, where each bars height indicates a specific data value. They can be used in a wide variety of business settings.

Venn Diagrams

Create Venn diagrams using ConceptDraw PRO. Use them to illustrate simple set relationships in logic, statistics, mathematics, sociology, or marketing. They are also commonly used to visually summarize the status and future viability of a project.

Circular Arrows Diagrams

Circular arrows diagrams (segmented cycle diagrams) visualize a sequence of steps, tasks, or events as a circular flow. They are used to view a processing cycle in marketing, management documents, and presentations.

Circle-Spoke Diagrams

Circle-spoke diagrams (spoke charts) have a central item surrounded by other items in a circle. Use this solution to show the features or components of a central item in a number of areas, including marketing, management documents, and presentations.

Bubble Diagrams

Bubble diagrams (also known as bubble charts, or spray diagrams) visualize ideas and concepts by organizing them in a hierarchy, where the strength of a relationship and importance of an idea is shown by its proximity to the central concept. To compare two different ideas, and show shared and individual sub-ideas, use bubble diagrams with two central concepts. Their practical applications include business illustrations, presentations, planning, design, and strategy development.

Sport Field Plans

This solution allows you to create accurate, scaled depictions of various sporting pitches, pools and fields. Useful for representing both recreational and more professional settings.

Site Plans

Use the Site Plans solution to design and manage large outside areas, such as car parks, associated with a building or group of buildings.

Seating Plans

Large crowds need a lot of planning for; keep areas and events organized by creating a seating plan. Be the first to know when it is standing room only!

School and Training Plans

A useful tool for teachers and instructors, to help design an organized learning environment. You design the lesson plans, we can help with the seating plans.

Reflected Ceiling Plans

Mind your head! Or not, if using this solution. Use it to map out light fixtures, ceiling structures and ventilation shafts.

Plumbing and Piping Plans

A good plumbing schematic is crucial for any structure, if only to avoid potential DIY mishaps. Use this solution to map out the piping around your home or business.

Office Layout Plans

With office layouts becoming evermore unique and dynamic, it's useful to have a tool that allows full freedom of design. Not only can you arrange the office furnishing, but also important systems such as WIFI or telephone.

HVAC Plans

Like with plumbing, knowing the layout of your heating and ventilation systems is crucial to their upkeep and maintenance. Use this solution to create your blueprint.

Gym and Spa Area Plans

Perfect for any keep fit enthusiast who is designing their own personal gym space, or for those working on a larger scale who need to plan a larger fitness area.

Cafe and Restaurant Floor Plans

Before you commit to a restaurant design, use ConceptDraw to visualize your dining area and kitchen. The best culinary experience comes from detailed planning.

Area Charts

Area charts or graphs visualize changes in values by filling in the area beneath a line that connects data points. Area charts are often used to visualize cumulative totals over time.

Floor Plans

This solution allows you to visualize any domestic floor space, and to fill your design with a large variety of household elements. Create plans for a home, apartment, or hotel.

Management Infographics

For those who need to convey an important business idea or management process in a concise, attractive visual manner.

Education Infographics

Learning through visualisation is a renowned technique. Convey educational themes and information using this solution.

Marketing Infographics

Marketing strategies and results can be displayed in infographic form; data can be shown using various forms of charts and graphs.

Wireless Networks

A solution with graphics relating to all aspects of wireless networking. Design or document the wireless network from your home or business.

Vehicular Networking

Show a variety of transportation networks, and their connections on a local or global scale. By boat, by air or by land; your drawing has no bounds.

Business Process Diagrams

This solution allows you to create business workflow diagrams using standard BPMN 2.0 notation, understood by all business stakeholders.