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Travel Infographics

Travel Infographics

Creating Travel infographics is super-easy with ConceptDraw. Read more

Design Pictorial Infographics. Design Infographics

Design Pictorial Infographics - Pictorial Infographics solution also provides large collection of sample infographics and templates to be filled in. When you design infographics illustrations, you can use the offered templates and samples as the base for your own pictorial infographics documents, or create them de novo simply dragging the pictograms from the libraries and adding the text. You are free to use the predesigned pictograms as you like - separately, combine them, impose one pictogram on top of another, rotate, copy, etc. Read more

Infographic Software

ConceptDraw PRO extended with Pictorial Infographics Solution from the “What are Infographics” Area is a powerful Infographic Software. Make sure in it right now! Read more

Pictorial Chart

You want design Pictorial Chart or Infographic? And you need powerful infographic software? Then ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with Pictorial Infographics Solution from the “What are Infographics” Area is exactly what you need. Read more

How to Draw Pictorial Chart. How to Use Infograms

How to draw pictorial chart quick, easy and effective? ConceptDraw PRO offers the unique Pictorial Infographics Solution that will help you!
Pictorial Infographics solution contains large number of libraries with variety of predesigned vector pictograms that allows you design infographics in minutes. There are available 10 libraries with 197 vector pictograms. Read more

Infographic Maker

Infographic is a visual way of representing various information, data, knowledge in statistics, geography, journalism, education, and much more areas. ConceptDraw PRO supplied with Pictorial Infographics Solution from the “What are Infographics” Area, provides a set of powerful pictorial infographics tools. Thanks to them it is the best Infographic Maker. Read more