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Computer and Network Package

9 solutions, 38 libraries, 2 270 vector object and icons, 116 examples and templates.

Graphics Package includes solutions:

Cloud Computing Diagrams, Network Security Diagrams, Vehicular Networking, Wireless Networks, Floor Plans, Office Layout Plans, Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs.

$278 value for only $170

Computer and Network Graphics Package:

Computer and Network Package is a large set of valuable graphical solutions from ConceptDraw Solution Park, which are developed and specially selected to help network engineers, network designers, software developers, computer network specialists and other IT professionals to realize their daily work the most efficiently and quickly. This package contains extensive set of graphic design tools, ready-to-use vector elements, built-in templates and samples for designing professional-looking diagrams, charts, schematics and infographics in a field of computer network technologies, cloud computing, vehicular networking, wireless networking, ensuring networks security and networks protection. This unique package of useful solutions lets greatly save your time allowing at once design different floor plans for homes, offices, hotels, or any other premises, to develop office layout plans and instantly construct schemes of computer networks on them, to represent in details the arrangement of computer network equipment, to illustrate schematics of wireless networks of any complexity and speed. Besides, you have a perfect possibility to make professional-looking and colorful Pie Charts, Bar Graphs and Line Charts and apply them to visualize the relevant information and data, to compare statistical data.

Graphics Package intended for:

Computer and network engineers, software developers, software and system architects, network designers, CASE designers, system administrators, banking industry software specialists and other IT professionals to design diagrams and drawings to visually present, analyze and report on software and information systems architecture, data models, technical documentation, to describe databases using the Entity-Relationship model, to depict the work of Cloud computing architecture, Amazon cloud computing architecture and wireless computer network technologies, to construct detailed schemes of Wireless computer networks, to designate the list of required equipment and calculate its costs, to explain the ways and principles of network security and protection from the attacks, to develop Network security models, to depict the arrangement of network security devices and wireless network security equipment, to apply Scrum and Agile methodologies, to design Network engineering schemes, Vehicular network diagrams, Vehicular ad-hoc network engineering diagrams, to develop smart transportation systems, to demonstrate the structure of vehicular communication systems and to visualize vehicular networks, to project ATM and other types of banking systems, to design Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, to develop Floor Plans and Office Layout Plans

Graphic Package major topics:

Cloud computing diagrams, cloud marketing diagrams, cloud computing architecture diagrams network security diagrams, Amazon cloud computing architecture diagrams, ER diagrams and Sequence diagrams for cloud computing, network security diagrams, computer security infographics, wireless network security diagrams, network architecture diagrams, vehicular network diagrams, network engineering schematics, local vehicular network diagrams, global network diagrams, vehicular ad-hoc network diagrams, vehicular network engineering diagrams, transportation and communication systems diagrams and schematics, wireless computer network diagrams, home wireless network diagrams, office WLAN diagrams, network security infographics, network plans for secure networks and protect wireless networks, office layout plans, office floor plans, office designs, office wireless network plans, office furniture and equipment layouts, interior designs, building plans, home floor plans, hotel floor plans, line graphs and line charts to visualize the data and information as series of data points, 2D and 3D bar graphs and bar charts to show the data in categories and depict comparisons among them, pie graphs, donut charts and doughnut charts to illustrate numerical proportion and percentage for the parts of one total.

Graphic Package support standards or methods:

Cloud Computing technology, Cyber Security protection and encryption technologies, Vehicular Networking standards, Wireless Computer Network technologies, Graphic designs standards.

What is ConceptDraw Graphical Package?

ConceptDraw Graphical Package is kit of solutions selected for specific industry or profession. There are number of solutions selected from ConceptDraw Solution Park which are important for efficiently creating major diagrams of the industry. It extends capability of ConceptDraw software with vector graphic objects, samples and tools. It requires ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software to be installed on your computer.

ConceptDraw Graphical Package let you get started in one click with number of valuable solutions and graphics details for specific industry or profession. Also the package price usually provides significant savings comparing to separated one by one purchases of solutions from ConceptDraw Solution Park.

List of Solutions:

Network Security Diagrams Solution

Depict and illustrate useful knowledge about network security, cyber security degrees, secure wireless network, represent the network security tips, develop new effective network security devices and IT security solutions, and share them easily with your colleagues and friends.

There are 4 stencil libraries containing 460 vector graphics and 10 examples in the Network Security Diagrams solution.

Cloud Computing Diagrams Solution

Succeed in design Cloud Computing Diagrams, visually represent how cloud computing works and depict professionally Cloud Computing Architecture, with powerful tools of Cloud Computing Diagrams solution.

There are 4 libraries containing 492 objects and 10 examples in the Cloud Computing Diagrams solution.

Wireless Networks Solution

A solution with graphics relating to all aspects of wireless networking. Design or document the wireless network from your home or business.

There is 1 library containing 81 wireless communications objects and 10 examples in the Wireless Networks solution.

Vehicular Networking Solution

Show a variety of transportation networks, and their connections on a local or global scale. By boat, by air or by land; your drawing has no bounds.

There are 2 libraries containing 151 objects and 12 examples in the Vehicular Networking solution.

Office Layout Plans Solution

With office layouts becoming evermore unique and dynamic, it's useful to have a tool that allows full freedom of design. Not only can you arrange the office furnishing, but also important systems such as WIFI or telephone.

There are 9 stencil libraries containing 377 objects and 10 examples in the Office Layout Plans solution.

Bar Graphs Solution

Bar graphs or charts are a popular way of presenting data, where each bars height indicates a specific data value. They can be used in a wide variety of business settings.

There is 1 library containing 8 objects and 10 examples in the Bar Graphs solution.

Pie Charts Solution

The Pie Charts solution allows you to create charts that can be used in statistics, business, and mass media for composition comparison (i.e. to visualize the percentage for the parts of one total).

There is 1 library containing 30 vector objects and 23 examples in the Pie Charts solution.

Line Graphs Solution

Use a line graph to show how one variable is affected by another as it increases or decreases. Line graphs are used to compare two variables, where each variable is plotted on a 2d graph. They are most useful when displaying data or information that changes continuously over time.

There is 1 library containing 5 vector objects and 10 examples in the Line Graphs solution.

Floor Plans Solution

This solution allows you to visualize any domestic floor space, and to fill your design with a large variety of household elements. Create plans for a home, apartment, or hotel.

There are 15 stencil libraries containing 666 vector graphics and 11 examples in the Floor Plans solution.