PM Personal Time Management

This solution extends all ConceptDraw Office 3 products providing every project participant with a track timeframe, workspace and role in a project with the help of Microreports, calendars, and to-do lists.


Benefits: The PM Personal Time Management solution helps every project participant track timeframe, workspace and function in a project with the help of Microreports, calendars, and to-do lists.

Every project participant stays informed about task lists, calendars and future tasks for themselves and colleagues. The PM Personal Time Management solution is good for collaborative work, keeping everyone informed on what and when tasks need to be done. Time Management is critical for the success of any project.

Objective: Improve personal performance.

Solution Purpose: Generate a personal to-do list, personal calendar, and project check lists. Communicate using e-mail with one click.

Intended For: All project participants.

Products and Methods: Individuals have access to personal calendars, to-do lists, personal assignment lists, and project checklists. Participants communicate all this with Microreports via e-mail.

Personal Time Management

Solution Reference

Toolbox 1. To-do List, stay informed

Keep participants informed of all current and upcoming tasks that involve their participation.

Tasks Actions Products
Use to email all current Assigned Tasks in a mind map In ConceptDraw PROJECT, use Resources View (Ctrl+Alt+R), select resource, right click, use Microreports, and go to “Assigned Tasks” PRJ, MM, e-mail client
Use to email all Next Tasks in a mind map In ConceptDraw PROJECT, use Resources View (Ctrl+Alt+R), select the resource, right click, use Microreports, and go to “Next Tasks” PRJ, MM, e-mail client
Toolbox 2. Personal Calendar, stay informed

Send a personal calendar of project tasks to any participant.

Tasks Actions Products
Use to generate personal calendars for one month In ConceptDraw PROJECT, use the Reports tab and click the Resource Calendar button PRJ, PRO
Toolbox 3. Create a checklist for the entire project or part of a project

Generate check lists for project tasks for the upcoming two weeks.

Tasks Actions Products
Use to create an entire project checklist or partial project checklist for the upcoming two weeks In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the Output tab and select “2 Weeks Task Check List” MM, Word