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Sport area

Solutions found in the Sports Area of ConceptDraw's Solution Park contain a collection of templates, samples, and libraries of vector stencils, icons, and clipart that can be used in conjunction with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, to help design sporting illustrations, presentations, infographics, web sites, and blogs.

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Succeed in drawing various chess illustrations and play chess online with your friend, child or colleague using the Chess solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software.


ConceptDraw takes you out to the ball game, with vector artwork featuring baseball diamonds and fielding positions.


Inside this solutions are basketball court graphics and icons marking the different player positions.


Tackle the gridiron using this solution - marked football pitches and player position icons are available.

Ice Hockey

Create illustrations featuring a marked ice rink and hockey player positions.


For any soccer themed drawing, this solution is ideal. Use the graphic icons to show formations, tactics, teams and pitches.

Winter Sports

The spirit of the Olympics is alive through this solution, allowing you to illustrate your drawings with sports action graphics, or simple icons.