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Maps area

Take a trip round the world with these solutions for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, found in the Maps area of Solution Park. They collect templates, samples and libraries of design elements for the most popular cartographical motifs and styles, to help you visualize spatial information and data in your documents, presentations, infographics, web sites and blogs.

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Metro Map

Taking advantage of the powerful DIAGRAM software, the Metro Maps solution allows you to create a map of a subway system using a one-click tool to add stations and lines.

Directional Maps

Use this solution to create maps of road-based transit routes. Add information to your drawing with road-sign icons, buildings, and vehicles.

Continent Maps

The world is at your fingertips with this solution. Illustrate your drawing with filled outlines of nations, continents and lakes, or flags of all nationalities.

Australia Map

Take a trip Down Under with our Australia Map solution, that includes a library of scalable vector graphics depicting states, territories, and major cities.

Germany Map

Succeed in designing the map of Germany and thematic maps depicting useful reference information concerning Germany, with Germany Map solution.

UK Map

Create easily the United Kingdom map, the map of England, map of Scotland, map of Wales, Northern Ireland map, depict visually the borders of countries, capitals and major cities and show their names.

USA Maps

Explore the New World with the U.S.A. Maps solution. ConceptDraw provide scaled, detailed U.S. state maps, that can form the base of thematic diagrams or infographics.