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Illustration area

Solutions in the Illustration Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park is a collection of templates, samples, and libraries of vector stencils, icons and clipart that help illustrate documents, presentations, infographics, web sites, blogs, print and electronic publications.

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Aerospace and Transport

A group of icons dedicated to air and space travel. Illustrate your design with planes, rockets, telescopes and space stations.


The Artwork solution features an eclectic mix of icons and graphics, ready to use for your presentation or illustration needs. Subjects include alphabets, cartoon animals, food, transport, flags and buildings.

Audio, Video, Media

A collection of digital audio and video gadgets illustrations, useful for diagrams relating to home entertainment.

Business and Finance

Join the rat race and capture your business designs with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. Use the icons to help create professional business presentations and documents.

Computers and Communications

Create drawing featuring a variety of branded computers and their input devices using this solution.


There is a festive theme to this drawing solution, with graphics to help you design holiday greetings cards, blog posts and websites, or presentations.

Manufacturing and Maintenance

An industrial themed selection of clipart, with heavy good vehicles, tools and machinery.


Brave the elements with the Nature solution. A collection of wilderness and weather related graphics.


'Without people you're nothing' said Joe Strummer, and we agree. So we made this solution to allow you to illustrate your drawing with people in many forms; as workers, as icons, or using hand gestures.

Presentation Clipart

Contains simple, bold icons that can be used to clearly and effectively emphasise notes made on a presentation.

Safety and Security

Go health and safety mad with this set of graphics depicting fire and road safety equipment.