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Building Plans area

The Building Plans Area collects solutions containing samples, templates and libraries of pre-designed vector stencils to assist with site planning and technical drawings regarding architecture and building engineering.

Solutions from the Building Plans Area extends ConceptDraw DIAGRAM with the ability to draw floor plans, site plans, plans of building services, fire and emergency plans, and furniture and equipment layouts.

Solutions from the Building Plans Area help architects and building engineers to develop design proposals, communicate ideas and concepts that relate to a design, communicate requirements to a building contractor, record completed work, and make a record of what currently exists.

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Electric and Telecom Plans

Design and manage household or business electrical systems using this solution. Map out anything from ambient lighting to audio systems to switch layouts.

Fire and Emergency Plans

It's a good idea to have an emergency exit strategy in place for your home or business. ConceptDraw gives you the tools to create your own fire and emergency plan, tailored to your setting.

Plant Layout Plans

A factory plant might contain various elements including heavy goods vehicles, picking cranes, conveyor belts, and machinery — all of which can be included in a design using the Plant Layout solution.

Security and Access Plans

Big Brother is watching you! Design, control and modify every aspect of an internal security system using this solution.

Floor Plans new-label

This solution allows you to visualize any domestic floor space, and to fill your design with a large variety of household elements. Create plans for a home, apartment, or hotel.

School and Training Plans

A useful tool for teachers and instructors, to help design an organized learning environment. You design the lesson plans, we can help with the seating plans.

Seating Plans

Large crowds need a lot of planning for; keep areas and events organized by creating a seating plan. Be the first to know when it is standing room only!

Site Plans

Use it to develop residential and commercial landscape design, parks planning, yard layouts, plant maps, outdoor recreational facilities, and irrigation systems.

Sport Field Plans

This solution allows you to create accurate, scaled depictions of various sporting pitches, pools and fields. Useful for representing both recreational and more professional settings.