PM Presentations

This solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP v8 and ConceptDraw PRO , improving the efficiency of the project management process by using the same source data to build targeted presentations, and clearly communicating the appropriate information to different audiences from a single source.


Benefits: Presentations become a key component of your company’s organizational process when you can use available project information in your meetings, tuned to your audiences requirements. By using the same data and building targeted presentations for your audience you compound your efficiency and clearly communicate the appropriate information to different audiences from a single source. The power behind this solution improves your efficiency in many stages of the project management process.

Objective: Deliver presentations that use all project data, including dashboards, Gantt charts, resource views, reports, and diagrams.

Solution Purpose: Create and show presentations using maps, project diagrams, timelines, calendars, and other views of project steps. Teams can collaboratively edit in Full-Screen Mode to rapidly revise or plan a project.

Intended For: Project Managers.

Products and Methods: Use ConceptDraw MINDMAP to collect information, ConceptDraw PROJECT to generate slide illustrations on project status, and project diagrams to describe project details and status from ConceptDraw PRO. Assemble this information into one presentation using ConceptDraw PRO or ConceptDraw MINDMAP. You can also use other presentation tools or web presentation formats.

There are many different ways to present your information depending on the amount of time you have to prepare. You can professionally present with ZERO preparation time using ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

PM Presentations

Solution Reference

Toolbox 1. Collaborative editing in Full-Screen Mode

Collaboratively edit using Full-Screen Mode to view either the full map or a section of the map using one-click navigation.

Tasks Actions Products
Used to edit the map without toolbars In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use Full-Screen Mode (Shift+F5) without tool bars MM
Use to zoom into any section of the map with one click In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the One Click Navigation feature set
To zoom into any section of the map select it by holding down the left mouse button
Release the button to return to the previous view or use the Escape key or right click to stay zoomed in
Toolbox 2. Create and demonstrate presentation of a mind map

Create and demonstrate with one click.

Tasks Actions Products
Use to automatically make slides based on map content In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the View tab and click the Create Default Presentation Button MM
Use to demonstrate the presentation using ConceptDraw MINDMAP In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the View tab and click the Presentation Mode (F5) button MM
Toolbox 3. Demonstrate project diagrams as a presentation on a large screen.

You can demonstrate any project diagram or schematic on a full screen.

Tasks Actions Products
Use to demonstrate a graphical document on a secondary monitor or projector In ConceptDraw PRO, click the Presentation Mode (F5) button PRO
Toolbox 4. Generate slides from any ConceptDraw application and incorporate slides in a master slide presentation

Make Microsoft PowerPoint presentations from your mind maps, project views, technical schemes, and diagrams. Use ConceptDraw Office export capabilities to generate slides that can be incorporated into your PowerPoint presentations.

Tasks Actions Products
Use ConceptDraw MINDMAP to create slides for PowerPoint from map data In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the Menu File → Export → MS PowerPoint Presentation MM
Use ConceptDraw PRO to create slides for PowerPoint from project graphs, diagrams, or schemes In ConceptDraw PRO use File → Export → Microsoft PowerPoint PRO