PM Dashboards

This solution extends ConceptDraw PRO and ConceptDraw PROJECT v7 products with the ability to clearly display the identified key performance indicators for any project.


Benefits: PM Dashboards clearly displays identified key performance indicators for any project. Dashboards demonstrate to project managers where corrective action needs to be taken.

Objective: Create dynamic information dashboards based on your project data.

Solution Purpose: By dynamically charting a project’s key performance indicators (KPI) that are collected on one display, all project team members have access to the daily status of the projects they are involved in. PM Dashboards visually demonstrates changes to the budget status and clearly shows the progress toward a project’s objectives.

Intended For: All project participants, project managers, team members, team leaders, stakeholders, and the entire organization.

Products and Methods: We transform project data into visually attractive dashboards which update dynamically. In the PM Dashboards Solution we use ConceptDraw PROJECT to maintain project data, and ConceptDraw PRO for producing updated dashboards that are connected to live project data.

The technology that enables the construction and updating of the dashboards is our Live Object technology, contained within ConceptDraw PRO. The Live Object technology allows us to connect a complex object shape to an external data source so that dynamic updates happen from changes in the data. For the dashboard’s Live Objects, look in the “Business Dashboards” library.

PM Dashboards

Solution Reference

Toolbox 1. Operational Tracking by using the Daily Dashboard

Collects key performance indicators for all of the projects in your company.

Tasks Actions Products
Use the Daily Dashboard for tracking all projects In ConceptDraw PRO, use the Reports menu, and select the “Daily Dashboard” PRO
Toolbox 2. Track and control the project directly in the project views

Gathers tactical key performance indicators for all of the projects in your company (how many people are available, budget available, and time available).

Tasks Actions Products
Use the Tactical Dashboard to track how many people are available, budget available, and time available In ConceptDraw PROJECT, use the Reports menu and select “Tactical Dashboard” PRJ, PRO
Toolbox 3. Strategy Tracking

Gathers information from key performance indicators for all projects in your company.

Tasks Actions Products
Use Strategy Tracking to track strategic key performance indicators including document readiness, task preparedness, and knowledge growth during a project life cycle In ConceptDraw PRO, use the Reports menu, and select “Strategy Dashboard” PRO