PM Agile

This solution extends ConceptDraw PRO. All Agile meetings and documents are powered by mission adapted mind map templates, specially tuned for collaborative work.

Example 1: Project — Agile Audit

Project — Agile Audit

Example 2: Project — Agile Client Server Implementation

Project — Agile Client Server Implementation

Example 3: Project — Agile Marketing

Project — Agile Marketing


Benefits: All Agile meetings and documents are powered by mission adapted mind map templates, specially tuned for collaborative work. Tracking project velocity is easy when using ConceptDraw Velocity diagram templates.

Objective: To support Agile methods such as user stories, iteration planning, burndown charts, backlogs, and velocity.

Solution Purpose: These visual tools assist in the holding of Scrum-meetings, collaborative planning for Sprint, maintaining backlog, and calculating and reporting the velocity of the team.

Intended For: Companies using Agile methodology; specifically, Scrum; Product Owners, Scrum Masters.

Products and Methods: In the background of this solution we use mind mapping for the visualization of key events and artifacts of Agile methodology. Key diagrams for visualization are made by ConceptDraw PRO.

PM Agile

Solution Reference

Step 1. Visualize Scrum meeting agendas and artifacts as mind maps

Use mind map templates for creating maps for Scrum meetings (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review (Demo), Sprint Retrospective) and artifacts (Sprint Backlog, Scrum-ban Task Board), taking notes during meetings using the agenda as an outline, and filling Sprint backlog during the meeting. You receive visually impressive, readable, professional mind maps that document your status.

Tasks Actions Products
Use Sprint Planning to visualize the Sprint Planning meeting agenda In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the input “Sprint Planning” Sprint Planning.cdmtz MM
Use Sprint Backlog to visualize the Sprint Backlog In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the template “Sprint Backlog” Sprint Backlog.cdmtz MM
Use Daily Scrum to visualize the Daily Scrum meeting agenda as a mind map In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the input “Daily Scrum” Daily Scrum.cdmtz MM
Use Sprint Review to visualize the Sprint Review (Demo) meeting agenda as a mind map In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the input “Sprint Review (Demo)” Sprint Review (Demo).cdmtz MM
Use Sprint Retrospective to visualize the Sprint Retrospective meeting agenda as a mind map In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the input “Sprint Retrospective” Sprint Retrospective.cdmtz MM
Use Task Board to visualize the Scrum-ban Task Board as a mind map In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the input “Task Board” Task Board.cdmtz MM
Step 2. Quickly create Burn Down and Velocity Charts

Enter data using our templates to make professional Scrum diagrams, Release Burn Down Charts, Sprint Burn Down Charts, and Velocity Charts.

Tasks Actions Products
Use the Release Burn Down Chart to visualize a project’s progress by Sprint, as the remaining work on the Release Burn Down Chart In ConceptDraw PRO, use the template “Release Burn Down” Release Burn Down.cdt PRO
Use the Sprint Burn Down Chart to visualize the Sprint progress by days, as the remaining work on the Sprint Burn Down Chart In ConceptDraw PRO, use the template “Sprint Burn Down” Sprint Burn Down.cdt PRO
Use the Velocity Chart to visualize the sum of estimates of the work delivered across all Sprints on the Velocity Chart In ConceptDraw PRO, use the template “Velocity Chart” VelocityChart.cdt PRO