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Entity Relationship Diagram Examples . Professional ERD Drawing

Creating the entity-relationship (ER) model by visually representing the structure of some database, mainly the business one, which data equates to its entities (or objects) that are connected by relationships showing requirements and dependencies, you need proper software to provide you with the symbols necessary in this case. ConceptDraw PRO vector drawing and diagramming software allows you to make any of needed models, plans, charts, diagrams with help of our application STORE where lots of layouts can be found as well as samples and templates of the flowcharts depending on the business sphere you work in and requirements you have. You can also find examples of ERD in Solutions here on this site in order to make it look really smart. Making entity-relationship diagram based on the Chen ERD notation is simple now having ConceptDraw PRO and you can check it yourself once you download and use it. Advice your colleagues and your friends, business partners, in order to simplify their lives as well as yours making the charts looking professional and simply sophisticated. Because we guarantee the quality of our great software developed to please everyone who needs this product in their work.

Network Diagram Examples . Free Examples of Network Diagram

Creating diagrams such as call center one, communication, computer network diagram, GPRS or hybrid network, GPS operation one, mobile TV network, terrestrial Mobile TV, web-based network diagram or wireless broadband network as well as wireless router network one is always simple with help of the right software, such as ConceptDraw PRO one. Find the pre-designed templates for creating diagrams: active directory, Cisco network, logical network or network communication, network floor plan layout, LAN or WAN one as well as rack diagram using our ConceptDraw STORE product with numerous libraries full of design elements and symbols for making such plans in short period of time having no experience in creating it before. Once you download it, you will find more than 2000 existing stencils for making any chart, flowchart, diagram or plan for work, simplifying your own life. Starting today you’ll be better tomorrow at creating any scheme needed for your work and so you will recommend software to many of your colleagues, business partners and even friends as you’ll find it to be great and very useful product.

UML Class Diagram Generalization Example

uml class diagram generalization example

Local area network (LAN). Computer and Network Examples

Working as IT specialist you face the need of connecting all existing devices into one network and to visualize this final network is better in a way of diagram. To create its diagram, you can with help of software which is meant to be used exactly for such occasions. With help of ConceptDraw PRO application you can make any desired computer and network diagrams using the existing examples from Solution Park where you can find over 40 libraries with 1004 vector elements for designing any kind of diagram, including the LAN one. There is Computer Network library with 29 symbols, Computer peripheral devices library with 20, Computers and network isometric library with 56, External digital devices library with 15, Internet symbols library with 11, Logical network diagram library with 16, Logical symbols library with 38 and Network hardware library with 27 icon symbols for making very special professionally looking charts. Try it now to simplify your work in IT and design!

UML Collaboration Diagram Example Illustration

UML Collaboration Diagram Example Illustration

Fishbone Diagram Example

Fishbone diagram example

Data Flow Diagram Example , Sample Data Fow Diagram

Working with lots of information analyzing it and arranging, it seems to be necessary to have software which can allow you to specify and range data, as well as illustrate data flow in a way of a diagram. Whether you need to display functional transforms, external entities, data flows, data storage as well as to control signals and transforms, you can always use diagram for such purpose and ConceptDraw PRO can help you to create it using also ConceptDraw STORE application full of libraries and examples of pre-designed charts which you can edit the way you need them to be and to look like in the very final form. Making your own flowcharts is simple using this product and to start with it would be enough to go to our Solutions section on this site to read about different kinds of schemes, flowcharts, diagrams and plans to find out how easy it is to use our software. Representing data flows, objects, processes and data storage with help of vector elements from the Object Library can be done during one day for the very beginner. Once you start today you’ll be so much better tomorrow and you’ll be able to use it making professionally looking charts in a few minutes only.

Entity Relationship Diagram Symbols. Professional ERD Drawing

Very commonly used in the database structure design, the sematic modelling method is one the ways of describing data structures as well as its modelling, based on the meaning of this data. ER-model based diagrams (ERD) consist of these main components: relation, entity and attributes. To be able to create such diagram, you have to mention the entities with their names presented in a form of a rectangle and the relations in a way of non-directional line connecting two entities. To help you to create this chart, we developed ConceptDraw STORE product full of libraries with vector elements you can use for your flowchart. Also we provide you with Solutions section on this site where you can find the numerous stencil libraries, samples and examples to simplify your work with software called ConceptDraw PRO which is the only one offering that many symbols and templates for making professionally looking smart and mature diagrams.

Data Flow Diagram Example

Data Flow Diagram Example