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Swim Lane Diagrams

The process of displaying some production system’s object that is charged with given concrete processes in general flow of production system’s processes and making it in order to represent this object visually, is called Swim Lane analysis. In order to quickly draw the Swim Lane diagram, we recommend to use our sophisticated software called ConceptDraw PRO to make it simple and to have the final result look professional even if you never ever created anything like this in the past. There are so many libraries with design elements we provide as well as the examples and templates of pre-designed charts, flowcharts, schemes and diagrams. Use any as draft for your own great looking diagram and see how soon you get used to our smart application and recommend it to your colleagues, partners and friends. To represent working process of any complication simply in a visual form and to define participants of working process’s different parts is better in a way of Swim Lane diagram in ConceptDraw PRO.

Swim Lane Flowchart Symbols

Swim Lane Flowchart Symbols

Cross-Functional Flowchart ( Swim Lanes ). Connect Everything

Illustrating some operations in business process step-by-step representing responsible for each operation people or departments is better in a way of diagram. One of such diagrams for this purpose is called the Cross Functional Flowchart also known as Swim Lanes. So to make sure that everyone is busy doing what needs to be done and the responsibilities are properly shared as well as the work is being done correctly, on time and in a proper way, you need to create a flowchart to mention all of these details and the best software for that would be ConceptDraw PRO as it allows its users to make any flowchart, chart, scheme, diagram or plan so quick: in a few minutes! Once you download this application and try to make any flowchart using our templates and samples, it will appear to be useful and as a result you will end up having professional flowchart in a couple of minutes even if you never had any experience in making anything similar before.

Business Process Elements: Swimlanes. Business Process

Business Process Elements: Swimlanes (Win, Mac)

Swim Lanes Flowchart. Flowchart Examples

Swim Lanes Flowchart. Identification and logging
Swim lane process mapping diagram
Swim lane process mapping diagram, vertical swimlanes, terminator, process, decision, BOOKS
The entity can then work towards ensuring its processes are effective (the right process is followed the first time), and efficient (continually improved to ensure processes use the smallest amount of resources)." [Business process mapping. Wikipedia] The swim lane process map example "Payroll process" was drawn using 
Vector stencils
Vector stencils, swim lanes, swim lane, BOOKS
The vector stencils library " Swimlane diagram" contains 12 swim lane diagram notation symbols. Use these swim lanes to design your swimlane diagrams and cross-functional flowcharts with ConceptDraw PRO software. The swim lanes example "Design elements - Swimlane diagram" is included in Сlassic Business  
BPMN 1.2 diagram template
BPMN 1.2 diagram template, task, start, horizontal lane, lane, end, BOOKS
"A swim lane (or swimlane ) is a visual element used in process flow diagrams, or flowcharts, that visually distinguishes responsibilities for sub-processes of a business process. Swim lanes may be arranged either horizontally or vertically. In the accompanying example, the swimlanes are named Customer, Sales, Contracts, 
Swim lane diagram
Swim lane diagram, swim lanes, vertical swimlanes, process, document, decision, BOOKS
also known as a borrower." [Credit (finance). Wikipedia] The swim lane diagram example "Process flow - Credit approval" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Process Flowcharts solution from the Business Processes area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.