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Concept map
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"Online advertising, also called Internet advertising, uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. It includes email marketing , search engine marketing , social media marketing , many types of display advertising (including web banner advertising), and mobile advertising. Like other advertising 
Leaky bucket diagram
Leaky bucket diagram, leaky bucket , BOOKS
Customer retention is one of the key concepts in relationship marketing . Most companies concentrate on recruiting new customers to replace customers who move on, rather than seeking to retain customers." [Blythe J. Key Concepts in Marketing . 2009. concepts -in- marketing /n5. xml] 

What is SWOT Analysis in Marketing

If you wonder what is swot analysis and whether you need to use it working in marketing, then we can ensure you that it can be very useful in comparing the pros and cons of some business activity, especially in marketing. Once you need to create some SWOT matrix not know how and what to start from, we can be helpful in this case advising the unique and smart software which is ConceptDraw PRO one for making such analysis as well as creating charts, flowcharts, numerous diagrams, different plans as well as schemes using the pre-made templates and lots of different libraries where you can find those symbols you need right now. Start downloading this great and sophisticated software to see how simple it can be to make SWOT matrix using ConceptDraw PRO and ConceptDraw MINDMAP software which allow professionals as well as beginners to make well-designed SWOT matrix in minutes.

marketing diagram, marketing chart Marketing Diagrams Solution.

Marketing Diagrams solution extends ConceptDraw PRO diagramming software with abundance of samples, templates and vector design elements intended for on the concept that there are four basic elements influencing the spread of new technologies and new ideas, these are: innovations, communication channels, 

What Is a Concept Map

What Is a Concept Map

Creating a Circular Arrows Diagram. ConceptDraw HelpDesk

It is also widely used in information technologies and marketing analysis. Graphical representation of cyclic processes can have many forms. It can be a circle, parabola, hyperbola, ellipse and others. A Circular Arrows Diagram is used as one of the statistical charts in the business, mass media and marketing . ConceptDraw 

concept map, concept mapping Concept Maps Solution.

This concept map shows internet marketing components and main principles. It is a large and complex diagram, but with the use of different shapes, colors and gradations it is easy for understanding, perception and remembering. Concept map diagrams can be successfully used in presentations, conferences, and reviews.