What is New in ConceptDraw OFFICE v6

The latest upgrade of ConceptDraw OFFICE brings a number of improvements and additions for both the macOS and Windows platforms. It provides new and improved versions of each component of the OFFICE Suite.

There are many enhancements and improvements to ConceptDraw OFFICE v6. Check individual products: ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13, ConceptDraw MINDMAP v11, and ConceptDraw PROJECT v10, to view a summary of the new functionality in each product. Below is a partial list of changes made to ConceptDraw products.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13

The release of the latest DIAGRAM v13 includes a number of your most requested improvements. Among them, the application performance increase due to an improved rendering of large files with many objects on the page, and the possibility to embed the GIF animation to your drawings. The newest edition of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM ensures that it still to be the world-leading professional diagramming software.

  • Cropping tool
  • Enhanced connectors
  • Export and import of GIF animation
  • Support of Dark Mode on macOS.


ConceptDraw MINDMAP v11

When we started developing the latest edition of ConceptDraw MINDMAP, we studied the wishes of our users. New features and improvements included in the new version will help you fully apply your creativity for planning, organizing and communicating. We want the new MINDMAP v11 to become an assistant to help you with this.

  • Solutions panel
  • New Topic Alignment tools
  • Boundary Title
  • Topics Merging tool
  • Support of Dark Mode on macOS


ConceptDraw PROJECT v10

The latest release of ConceptDraw PROJECT v10 is focused on visibility improvements and provides some new features that help professionals visualize, maintain, and communicate multiple projects even more effective.

  • Task Completion Status in Multiproject Dashboard
  • Project Baseline Visualization
  • Support of Dark Mode on macOS.