True Map Style


Brainstorming is an initial collection of the information process. Information represented in topics in this initial stage does not require more detailed sorting. This process can be seen as analogous to cloud tags on the web. This means minimum lines and two or three hierarchy levels supported by fonts and colors.


The main visual attribute for analysis is for the topics to be separated by category to create a unique hierarchy. At this point the mind map increases in its value for individuals and teams. The mind map must be flexible in its ability to represent different structures. For instance a horizontal hierarchy may need to be represented as a vertical hierarchy to clearly show the logic expressed in a map. All visual elements are important here: fonts, type size, contrast, shape and topic color. This is a common type of map template.


Data that has progressed from brainstorm to analysis must finally be presented to tell the story. Special topic styles in mind maps help to accomplish this. Presentation-oriented styles help the speaker and audience see and understand. Branches become responsible for conveying the story. The topic styles have the potential for a large impact during the critical presentation stage. It is also important not to overload the audience with information from unnecessary branches (for example, previous and new materials). In practice the best map for telling the story is one that functions much like a roadmap or a subway map. These maps very clearly show the individual paths and relationships between paths. This helps to direct attention to the current path or episode of the presentation.

Innovation in ConceptDraw MINDMAP can be seen in everything that pertains to the product, from user interface to topic themes. ConceptDraw MINDMAP has been designed from the ground up to not compromise what people want to accomplish.

Themes Mind Mapping

When using a mind map there are three broad classifications of the type of activities one is working on. These three classifications are brainstorming, analysis and presentation. For each stage, individuals have requirements for what the map must look like.

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