What is New in ConceptDraw PROJECT v11

ConceptDraw PROJECT v11 includes some features that can help you manage your projects more efficiently, especially when it comes to multiple projects that involve common material and human resources.

Custom Columns

Custom columns allow you to add additional data to tasks in your projects. Custom columns in a Gantt chart grid can include data that you need to use in your project and that is specific to your organization. You can add your own columns of different types. There are three types of custom columns: text, numbers, and date. After adding custom columns to the project task grid, you can sort the tasks for reporting according to stakeholders’ needs.

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A Single Gantt Chart for multiple projects

When managing multiple projects at the same time, the challenge arises to properly visualize and prioritize all tasks. Using a single Gantt chart, you can easily establish relationships between related tasks - even between projects, so you have enough time to complete your project schedule in the right order. Having multiple projects in a single Gantt chart makes it easy for the project manager to detect if some resources in projects are overloaded.

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Overloaded Resource Visualization

Optimizing resources during project execution is an ongoing process. No matter how well you allocate resources for a project, sometimes you run into overload. Immediate visualization of resource overload in a Gantt chart indicates a bottleneck. This way, you can take the right action to complete the project efficiently, on time and with maximum profitability.

what-is-new-in-conceptdraw project