Project Knowledge Dashboard

The Project Knowledge consists of a few items to describe the status of the documentation. This dashboard relates to preparing meeting agenda for project readiness, personal understanding of project documents, and knowledge distribution among your team related to document usage.

This functionality is a great planning tool for project managers, giving insight into project documentation and how it is distributed and used in the project management processes. Because reports are on the dashboard, assessments can be made simply and corrective action can be taken immediately. Any changes in the project environment related to project preparedness are immediately visible.

Combining the typical planning tool with the knowledge dashboard give you x-ray vision into documents that relate to your ongoing project plan. The knowledge dashboard combined with traditional project management tools give project managers the ability to identify potential documentation shortfalls before they impact the progress of the project.

Tracking documentation status is not a complex process. If you do tracking regularly and watch the progress on the dashboard, at the end of the project you receive a comprehensive set of the documentation which covers everything from the just completed process for future projects.

Project Knowledge Dashboard

To keep project accumulated knowledge inside the organization is an important competitive goal because the knowledge that has been accumulated throughout the project life cycle is an important competitive asset that can be leveraged for future projects. ConceptDraw PROJECT allows people to do their work by simply hyperlinking developed documentation to the appropriate task. The incentive to follow the hyperlinking procedure is for all team members to have a dashboard view of the project knowledge readiness. This dashboard is a visual indicator of potential documentation gaps in the project, which then leads to corrective action. This accumulation of documentation over the life of the project is a very tactical approach that requires no additional work by the team and the resulting outcome has a strategic impact for future projects.

Project Knowledge Dashboard

The Knowledge Reports solution implements the ability to get the necessary information and even instantly follow the clickable hyperlinks, no matter when they appeared — at the stage of project planning or during the project implementation.

Prepare Meeting Agenda

Project Readiness

When preparing for project meetings, it is important to have a view of the overall readiness of your project. Documentation is the key component of this readiness and it is impossible to assess the readiness of documentation using traditional project management tools. ConceptDraw PROJECT shows a diagnostic dashboard about documentation readiness for use during a meeting to better understand the overall readiness state of the project management team.

How Knowledge Dashboard Shows This

Use this visual tool to describe any requirement for documents that might need to be developed in the future. The dashboard compares how many documents are ready to how many documents must be developed. If the ratio exceeds the acceptable limit for a future task, a status indicator identifies the documentation shortcoming.

The visual presentation of these metrics, a unique tool in ConceptDraw PROJECT, provides project managers with critical information on project preparedness.

Personal Understanding

What Documents Are Priority #1?

Individuals benefit from their own dashboard that clearly presents to them the top priority documents that must be studied for successful task completion. This visual metric highlights the documents which have the largest amount of allocated hours for associated tasks. Increasing the understanding of top priority documents by each team member helps in their preparedness to undertake tasks. It provides an organization and individuals with a competitive tool that increases the probability of success.

Personal Docs/Knowledge Dashboard

The personal docs/knowledge dashboard demonstrates to the individual how many hours of their future work correlate to specific documents.

Knowledge Distribution (Team Understanding)

Knowledge Distribution Dashboard

This dashboard demonstrates the ratio between developed documents and undefined documents in time increments so you can see readiness for approaching dates.

What Documents Have the Most Impact for the Entire Project Because of Hours — The Knowledge Distribution Dashboard element demonstrates which documents must be developed for the project. The representation of the developed documentation compared to undefined project documentation is a vital project metric that can be an early indicator of project success or failure; and until now this was not tracked because the tools to display this metric were not available.