Using Micro Reports

Micro reports are tactical communication tools that send status for specific project elements. Keep messages succinct for quick communication capability. Micro reports are quick to generate and quick to understand. They are great to foster understanding. Micro reports are great tools for individuals in a project because these micro reports can be understood in the context of the overall project.

Facilitates Communication


Micro reports are great discussion tools for one-on-one communication. They clearly identify status changes that must be addressed between project personnel. Micro reports are evidence for working through required changes. These reports can be generated by task, budget, or resource.

project reports

Meeting Key Points

Identifies Latest Changes of Status

Micro reports generated before key project meetings reflect status of current events, keeping everyone focused on the project timeline. Micro reports isolate metrics from the overall picture so the meeting can focus on problem solving instead of an overall project review. Meetings become more effective because of the specific communication abilities in ConceptDraw PROJECT. This tactical approach to messaging your team on a daily basis can hugely impact project success and team efficiency.