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ConceptDraw PROJECT

ConceptDraw PROJECT

How to Manage Multiple Projects on Mac

ConceptDraw PROJECT lets you track multiple projects at the same time. Multiproject Dashboard is intended exactly for this purpose. It the same as a control panel that enables one to overview how are things going in multiple projects. A dashboard is a perfect solution for monitoring multiple projects. Dashboards are used to monitor processes, to help the user both control and improve their output quality.

To view the Multiproject Dashboard on your Mac, click the Multiproject Dashboard button on the Toolbar.

Result: You can monitor each project in details and to share project status with a team using One Click Reports and the Project Dashboard tools.

How to Exchange Files with MS Project Users

The ability to exchange project data across different project applications gives users an excellent alternative for the way they manage projects and assists in the interoperability of project information between team members who have Macintosh and PC computers. The ability to import/export MS Project® files can be found in the Project Exchange solution.

project exchange

You can I import MS Project files into ConceptDraw Project:
Select menu File → Import → MS Project.

project exchange

ConceptDraw PROJECT provides you with the ability to export project files to MS Project XML:
To access this functionality select File→ Export → MS Project.

Result: You can share your project files with colleagues who use MS Project®.

How to Make a Mind Map from
a Project Gantt Chart

ConceptDraw Office allows you to see the project data from ConceptDraw PROJECT in a mind map structure by opening your project in ConceptDraw MINDMAP. Project managers widely used mind maps for organizing the project team, project ideas, and visualize every moving part of the project workflow. ConceptDraw PROJECT allows you to create a mind map directly from your project tasks. This is possible by opening the project file in ConceptDraw MINDMAP. This way you will work with the same file. This operation is used to modify a project schedule and general project details. You can see the project data in a mind map structure by opening your project in ConceptDraw MINDMAP. This way you are switching views without creating extra files. You can operate with the same file in both applications.

  1. In ConceptDraw PROJECT you should choose the Open in MINDMAP command. Both Windows and Mac users can find it in the File menu.
  2. making-project-mind-map
  3. Save the file, using the “Save As” dialog.
  4. Your file will be opened in ConceptDraw MINDMAP. The task links will be displayed as relationships. The projects hierarchy and resource allocation displays as Topic Data.

Result: You can work with the same data both in the Gantt chart and mind map view.

How to Report on Project Status

Reporting is an important part of project management. Every project manager is regularly asked how the project is progressing. There are different ways in which to provide project status. ConceptDraw Solution Park offers a large variety of reports, which include visual reports. These are represented by Project Dashboards and Mind Map reports.

There two tools for project visualization in ConceptDraw Office Suite: ConceptDraw PRO and ConceptDraw MINDMAP.
If you need to create a Project Dashboard for your Project you can’t do so without ConceptDraw PRO.
We recommend using mind mapping to depict and describe your project status in detail.

conceptdraw mind map report
Five to seven different mind maps are needed to completely describe how a project is going. It may take a few moments to review and understand the result of hours of work — an easy way to do this is by using the Reports functionality of ConceptDraw PROJECT within ConceptDraw Office.
All you need is to click the Reports Button and select one of the Mind Map Reports. The Report will be opened in ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

Result: Standard project reports within ConceptDraw PROJECT is the easy way to deliver a clear view of project performance to all project participants.