Turn Mind Map into Timeline in a Single Click

Mind map is proved to be a useful tool for project managers. Timeline is also used to be the ultimate tool for project management tasks. For example, it is the best manner to represent a sequence of key dates and events over the lifecycle of the project: tasks, milestones and deadlines.

Timeline can be useful for communicating key project events and as well as presenting exactly the tasks causing potential bottlenecks. It may be an effective way to communicate the sequence of project tasks, milestones and deadlines. Unlike timelines developed in diagramming tools, mind map can contain images, markers, notes, attachments, hyperlinks, etc. Topics can be shown or hidden. The timeline can be filtered to create an alternative appearance.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP implements a full list of possibilities for applying mind maps to project management. You can use a mind map to brainstorm tasks for a project and then, convert it into a Gantt chart or timeline. It is easy to go from a classic radial mind map to a timeline view using the Timeline alignment tool.


ConceptDraw MINDMAP’s timelines can be generated in right, left, bottom and top layouts. You can create new timelines by either starting with a brainstorm mind map. Also, you can change a timeline layout to be either a vertical, horizontal, top or bottom. It is even possible to have multiple timelines in a single file using multiple pages.

A Timeline created in ConceptDraw MINDMAP due to its mind mapping format is flexible and dynamic. Collapse and expand the timeline’s branches, mark milestones and events with priority symbols. However, timelines are used to give a general overview of events in chronological order and generally, they do not drill down into details, but hyperlinks, text notes and images may be added if required. Use filters to focus the look on specific points. For example, to highlight all milestones.