Mind Mapping in Kanban Projects

The traditional practice of using mind maps in project management is usually restricted to the initial stages — brainstorming and outlining the task list. Modern project management concepts, such as Agile and Lean with SCRUM and Kanban frameworks take the mind map to the next level of a value. Kanban board is a popular collaboration tool in IT projects, particularly in software development project.

The tools utilizing a Kanban concept provided with ConceptDraw MINDMAP make it easy to plan, develop, analyze and improve a process, ensuring a fast and efficient project implementation. Following the analyzing and mapping-out processes engaged in the project, the next stage is a Kanban board creation.


Brainstorming is a great tool for generating ideas for backlog section of a Kanban board. Actually, the brainstorming technique can be in help at any point of the backlog elaboration. Ideas springing up during a brainstorming session can be reworked into User Stories and goals for Kanban board.


With ConceptDraw MINDMAP  special mode, brainstorming sessions are easy to perform. At the brainstorming session completion, there will be a number of ideas to consider. A user story map arranged from ideas generated will the help to understand the functionality, identify gaps in the backlog, and develop tasks queue that delivers value to users.

Kanban Board Styled Mind Map

ConceptDraw MINDMAP  provides the Kanban arrangement tool that helps create a Kanban board style mind map in a single click. Using Kanban arrangement tool enables one to visualize project workflow, analyze and improve business processes in line with Kanban method. The common columns on a Kanban board are Backlog, Selected for Development, In Progress, and Done.

Commonly, teams applying Kanban methodology use flip boards, markers and stickers to depict project status, work flow, and task assignments. The Kanban mind map utilizes a visual language of Kanban board and cards that any team and stakeholders can use to communicate information in an ordinary manner.

Teams that use Kanban board mind map to help manage their work have a number of advantages over those that only use whiteboards and sticky notes. Because the basic idea of Kanban mind map is much the same as a physical Kanban board, team members can adopt Kanban board mind map and immediately see how it is easy to generate and appoint tasks, show work flow, identify gaps and discover a way to improvement.


Kanban mind map by ConceptDraw MINDMAP  allows a project team to facilitate collaboration processes and handle changes to the tasks and workflow correctly, throughout the life cycle of the project. The visibility of Kanban board mind map provides any project manager with more information with fewer omissions. Furthermore, it allows managing processes with an amazing ease, simply drag-and-drop cards from one column to another, as tasks are completed.

Having project progress details displayed in a single place reduces the time spent on progress reports tracking or project status meetings. Using the visual strategy benefits of a Kanban mind map, project managers and team can better support the health of a project and reach the effectiveness of each process in a project.