ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12 Features

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12 is a professional-grade mind mapping software, compatible with macOS and Windows. Actually, MINDMAP v12 is much more than just a mind mapping and brainstorming tool — it’s a solution for knowledge management, project planning, decision making, time management, note taking and lots more. MINDMAP v12 comprises a comprehensive set of capabilities used to organize ideas and data and massive productivity features that are maneuver and simple to use it because of its powerful import and export capabilities, enables you to quickly produce business documents from mind maps. With the built-in presentation options, you can easily communicate your mind maps to an audience or collaborate with a team.


The range of mind mapping solutions is designed to make creating and sharing mind map content simple and effective. The Solutions Panel offers a variety of business-specific solutions that extend the MINDMAP v12 with numerous task-oriented templates, samples, and export capabilities.



Powerful Brainstorming mode provides you with situational brainstorming. You can activate a brainstorm mode in a one click. It allows you to manage the brainstorming period by tracking it with the help of the build-in timer. Then, you can edit and organize the result into a mind map structure.


Multiple Page Mind Maps

Multiple-page support, breaks up mind map by placing topics on separate pages. Each map may have several pages, connected with hyperlinks. It means you can map highly-detailed multi-level processes. Page Navigator displays thumbnails of all pages inside mind map. It allows you to navigate through pages.
Callouts and Floating topics enable adding your comments to the topics, placing random ideas that do not concern the map subject matter outside your map and then go back to these ideas later.


Pre-designed Mind Map Styles

ConceptDraw MINDMAP enables making custom-styled mind maps. Otherway, you can select one of the built-in designs — Themes. Each Theme includes topic color, font, layout, and topic shape design. Themes enable instant changing the mind map appearance with just one click.


Automatic Placement and Arrangement of Branches

On adding new branches there is no need to move them manually as they are automatically placed in a workplace separately. By clicking once on the corresponding icon you can arrange your mind map in different directions.


Graphics and Icons

You can provide visual shortcuts for navigating your map with symbols and graphic images.


Hyperlinks and Text Notes

Hypernote is the combination of a text note with multiple hyperlinks. You can add hyperlinks to any topic, but it’s really more than that. The Hypernote lets you add text to explain more about the topic and hyperlinks.


Topic Types

For structured types of data, ConceptDraw MINDMAP introduces Topic Types, enabling you to structure data for its specific purpose. Each Topic Type supports a specific set of Topic Data relating to the contents of the topic including adding attachments. So, you can create a mind map that turns into a kind of virtual filing cabinet.


Pin Tool

When you use the Pin button to lock a topic, subtopic or graphic image in the mind map window, you cannot move it manually, or with the built-in layout and ordering tools.



You can create mind maps that contain tasks with specific parameters: Duration, dates, percent completed, executors etc. Any topic in your mind map can be transformed into a task. Any mind map can be transformed into a project map. Turn the mind map into a reminder tool for your projects — the Map Minder panel will display a live data on the number of un-started tasks in your projects, and Time Countdown Indicator will show the time remaining before the scheduled task start date.



You can group related topics using a color boundary. Applying boundaries help to draw the attention of the audience to a certain part of your mind map.


Import, Export and Communication Facilities

Copy-and-Paste Capabilities

There is a lot of functionality in ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12 copy-and-paste capability:

  • Column from MS Word creates same level topics
  • Columns from MS Excel creates same level topics
  • Rows from MS Excel become parent-child relationship
  • Any section of map can be pasted into
  • ConceptDraw PROJECT v11 to Gantt chart
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12 maps can be pasted into DIAGRAM v14, topics remain linked
  • Tasks from ConceptDraw PROJECT v11 can be pasted into MINDMAP v12

Import and Export

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12 has the ability to import and export a number of usable formats, providing users with powerful flexibility in collaboration:

  • Import/Export MindManager v7 and later
  • Import/Export MS Word 2007/2010/2016
  • Import/Export MS Project 2007/2010
  • Import/Export MS PowerPoint 2007/2010/2016
  • Import from MS Excel 2010/2016
  • Import from XMind
  • Import from FreeMind
  • Export map as image of BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF and PNG format
  • Export to MS PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and Rich Text Format
  • Export to HTML

Integration with Microsoft Products

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12 integrates with an extensive range of Microsoft products:

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Project
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook
  • MS OneNote


ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12 provides a set of tools to quickly create a slideshow. Using ConceptDraw MINDMAP editing tools there is no faster way to build a presentation.

  • Default Presentation — Automatic for instant presentation
  • Default Presentation Edited — Manual for quick presentation preparation
  • Filtered Presentations use only selected criteria for presentation
  • Full-Screen Mode presents larger view of map information without toolbars
  • Mouse selected-defined presentation
  • Identifies key topics
  • Slide Navigator provides easy access to preview, organize, and export options
  • Direct export of map parts to PowerPoint document
  • Direct export of map text to MS PowerPoint document