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The vector stencils library "Status indicators" contains 41 visual status indicators. Each status indicator can visualize one of 2-6 information states and have a caption.
Use it to create your business performance dashboards in the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Status Dashboard solution from the area "What is a Dashboard" of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
2-State Alert, Red
2-State Alert, Red, 2-state alert,
2-State Alert, Yellow
2-State Alert, Yellow, 2-state alert,
2-State Alert, Green
2-State Alert, Green, 2-state alert,
2-State Alert, Blue
2-State Alert, Blue, 2-state alert,
3-State Alert 1
3-State Alert 1, 3-state alert,
3-State Alert 2
3-State Alert 2, 3-state alert,
4-State Alert 1
4-State Alert 1, 4-state alert,
4-State Alert 2
4-State Alert 2, 4-state alert,
5-State Alert 1
5-State Alert 1, 5-state alert,
5-State Alert 2
5-State Alert 2, 5-state alert,
Forth-Back 1
Forth-Back 1, direction alert indicator,
Forth-Back 2
Forth-Back 2, direction alert indicator,
Back-Forth 1
Back-Forth 1, direction alert indicator,
Back-Forth 2
Back-Forth 2, direction alert indicator,
Up-Down 1
Up-Down 1, direction alert indicator,
Up-Down 2
Up-Down 2, direction alert indicator,
Down-Up 1
Down-Up 1, direction alert indicator,
Down-Up 2
Down-Up 2, direction alert indicator,
Arrows Up-Down 1
Arrows Up-Down 1, direction alert indicator,
Arrows Up-Down 2
Arrows Up-Down 2, direction alert indicator,
Arrows Down-Up 1
Arrows Down-Up 1, direction alert indicator,
Arrows Down-Up 2
Arrows Down-Up 2, direction alert indicator,
Traffic Light Vertical 1
Traffic Light Vertical 1, traffic light,
Traffic Light Vertical 2
Traffic Light Vertical 2, traffic light,
Traffic Light Horizontal 1
Traffic Light Horizontal 1, traffic light,
Traffic Light Horizontal 2
Traffic Light Horizontal 2, traffic light,
Progress Lights, Green
Progress Lights, Green, progress indicator,
Progress Lights, Yellow
Progress Lights, Yellow, progress indicator,
Progress Lights, Red
Progress Lights, Red, progress indicator,
5-Stars Rating
5-Stars Rating, rating indicator, stars,
Progress Bar, Blue
Progress Bar, Blue, progress indicator, progress bar,
Progress Bar, Green
Progress Bar, Green, progress indicator, progress bar,
Progress Bar, Yellow
Progress Bar, Yellow, progress indicator, progress bar,
Progress Bar, Red
Progress Bar, Red, progress indicator, progress bar,
Access, access indicator, alert indicator,
Quality, quality indicator, alert indicator,
Switch, switch indicator, alert indicator,
Speed, speed indicator,
Light Emitting
Light Emitting, light emitting indicator,
Shapes Alert 1
Shapes Alert 1, shapes alert indicator,
Shapes Alert 2
Shapes Alert 2, shapes alert indicator,
The vector stencils library "Road signs" contains 58 symbols of road signs for labeling the road and route maps, directional and transit maps, street and locator maps.
"Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to give instructions or provide information to road users.
... many countries have adopted pictorial signs or otherwise simplified and standardized their signs to overcome language barriers, and enhance traffic safety. Such pictorial signs use symbols (often silhouettes) in place of words and are usually based on international protocols. Such signs were first developed in Europe, and have been adopted by most countries to varying degrees." [Traffic sign. Wikipedia]
The pictograms example "Road signs - Vector stencils library" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Directional Maps solution from the Maps area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. solution-park/ maps-directional
Danger place
Danger place, danger place,
Intersection, intersection,
Intersection 2
Intersection 2, intersection,
Bend, bend,
Double bend
Double bend , double bend ,
Two-way traffic
Two-way traffic, two-way traffic,
Mobile bridge
Mobile bridge, mobile bridge,
Light signal
Light signal, light signal,
Pedestrian crossing
Pedestrian crossing, pedestrian crossing,
Road work
Road work, road work,
Back-up, back-up,
Give way
Give way, give way,
Crossing, crossing,
Stop, stop,
Roundabout, roundabout,
Pass this side
Pass this side, pass this side,
Direction to be followed
Direction to be followed, direction to be followed,
One-way street
One-way street, one-way street,
Cycle track
Cycle track, cycle track,
No entry
No entry, no entry,
No entry both directions
No entry both directions, no entry both directions,
No power vehicles
No power vehicles, no power vehicles,
No U-turns
No U-turns, no U-turns,
No passing without stopping
No passing without stopping, no passing without stopping,
No standing and parking
No standing and parking, no standing and parking,
No parking
No parking, no parking,
Speed limit
Speed limit, speed limit,
Height limit
Height limit, height limit,
Width limit
Width limit, width limit,
Weight limit
Weight limit, weight limit,
Priority over oncoming traffic
Priority over oncoming traffic, priority over oncoming traffic,
Streetcar or regular buses
Streetcar or regular buses, streetcar or regular buses,
Taxi status
Taxi status, taxi status,
Beginning that speed 30-Zone
Beginning that speed 30-Zone, speed, zone,
End that speed 30-Zone
End that speed 30-Zone, speed, zone, end,
Pedestrian crossing 2
Pedestrian crossing 2, pedestrian crossing,
Police, police,
Hotel, hotel,
Breakdown service
Breakdown service, breakdown service,
Restaurant, restaurant,
P + R
P + R, P + R,
Restroom, restroom, WC,
Fuel, fuel,
Telephone, telephone,
Recommended speed
Recommended speed, recommended speed,
Nodal point of a motorwa
Nodal point of a motorwa, nodal point of a motorway,
Parking, parking,
Dead end
Dead end, dead end,
Motorway, motorway,
End motorway
End motorway, end motorway,
Populated zone
Populated zone, populated zone,
End populated zone
End populated zone, end populated zone,
Parking with clock
Parking with clock, parking with clock,
Number sign (motorway)
Number sign (motorway), number sign, motorway,
Exit, exit,
Direction to place
Direction to place, direction to place,
Board of announcement of exit
Board of announcement of exit, board of announcement of exit,
Number sign (federal highway)
Number sign (federal highway), number sign, federal highway,

Ring Network Topology

The Ring Network Topology Diagram examples was created using ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software with Computer and Networks solution.

Network Topologies

Running your own business or working for some company as IT specialist, one day you definitely face the need of connecting all network and computer devices existing on this enterprise's balance sheet. Especially once this company grows you need more stuff and so elements of network such as laptops, servers, scanners, printers, fax machines, telephones, routers, so you definitely have to make network topology flowchart to arrange it all correctly to connect it with each other. In this case to use ConceptDraw DIAGRAM as a tool to make your topology diagram is the best decision ever! Test how simple it is to use our samples to create your diagrams in a short term! Whether you need to make logical or physical topologies you can always use the service of our software and with help of libraries to design whatever you need. The basic topologies types are: ring, mesh, bus, star, tree or fully connected one, and its examples are there in Solutions waiting for you on this site to use it all. Check it out and enjoy simplicity of using this application right now!
Create Network Topology Diagram
Create Network Topology Diagram