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How To Create Project Report

ConceptDraw PROJECT contains an extensive tool set to help project managers. The rich data visualization capability that is provided by ConceptDraw products helps you create project dashboards, one-click reports, multi-project views, Gantt charts, and resource views. Let′s learn how to get maximum value using ConceptDraw PROJECT!

How to Generate Tabular Reports in ConceptDraw PROJECT for Windows

The reporting capabilities of ConceptDraw PROJECT are really impressive. This section will help you find out what useful information can be obtained when using ConceptDraw PROJECT standard tabular reports in MS Excel.

How to Publish Project Reports to a Web Site

Reporting is an important part of project management. Every project manager is regularly asked how the project is progressing. ConceptDraw OFFICE offers different ways in which to provide project status.

How to Generate Tabular Reports in ConceptDraw PROJECT for macOS

Project reporting is one of the key functions of effective project management. Using regular project reports, a project manager can constantly track and analyze the project’s execution. This analytic process can help to ensure that the team reaches the best possible solutions. ConceptDraw PROJECT is a professional software tool for project management with the advanced mechanism of reporting. You can create the set of regular reports on project activities, task statuses, cash flow and assignments in MS Excel format. Mind map reports are also available.

How to Report on Multiple Projects Status

Reporting on project status is an important part of project management. A project manager has to generate systematic reports on project progress concerning schedule, scope, and budget. Project progress reports made orderly, form a notation of current project status. Once a project manager has been assigned to a number of projects running simultaneously, a variety of business issues come up, such as: what kind of projects have already been launched, and what is their status? The reporting facilities of ConceptDraw PROJECT are actually dramatic. The following article is created to let you find out how to generate reports on multiple projects using ConceptDraw PROJECT standard reporting pack.

How to Report on Project Status

There are different ways to provide project status. ConceptDraw Solution Park offers a big variety of reports, which includes visual reports. These are represented in Project Dashboards and MINDMAP reports.

How To Hold Project Collaboration via Skype

Project Management Trends. Status report presentation tool for remote teams, using Skype to collaborate on project objectives.

How to Report Task's Execution with Gantt Chart

ConceptDraw PROJECT’s powerful reporting engine lets you generate a set of tabular reports with just one click, or visualize your project as Radial Tasks Structures, Work Breakdown Structures and Resource Calendars. It also provides you with dynamic Project Dashboards.

How to Report on Project Milestones Using a Mind Map

It's often necessary to report on project milestones while your project is underway. You can generate the Milestone report Mind Map.

Project Reports — Planning Reports

The reports are essential tools of effective project management. They reflect the statuses of projects and their tasks for the moment or for some period, and have a great value for projects of any size and complexity. The correctly composed they are incredibly effective for tracking and analyzing the process of project’s execution, and help a project manager in managing and improvement a project. The report gives a clear vision of a project status in just a few seconds, displays which tasks are performed and which ones must be fulfilled, and helps achieve the main project goals.

Project Reports — Visual Reports

The diagrams and graphs are a clear and illustrative way of representing different information, data, ratios of values forming a single unity. There are many kinds of graphs and charts, which find their application in varied fields and spheres of activity, including the field of project management. For each type of information its own the most suitable visualization tool is used. A visual analysis of diagrams is a simplest, but highly effective planning and project management tool, convenient to obtain the answers to many questions concerning the project and its implementation.

How to Use ConceptDraw PROJECT Micro Reports

The Micro Report is a tool to help you communicate better with your project team. The Micro Report allows you to generate and send mind map status reports to individuals that are generated directly from the data in a project file.

Project Reports — Current Activities, Weekly

During the project implementation, any project manager and top executives need to get the information and data on current activities and project state on a regular basis. This data is necessary in order to see the overall project state at the moment, the degree of its implementation regarding the control points, as well as to identify and analyze the difficulties associated with project implementation, if there are any.

ConceptDraw PROJECT Software Overview

ConceptDraw PROJECT is an effective tool for new and experienced users with a fine balance of usability and powerful functionality.

How to Track Your Project Plan vs. the Actual Project Condition

ConceptDraw PROJECT allows following how the project is going. You can easily compare the actual project data with the planned ones. The best tool for effective tracking of the project execution is to compare real data with the project baseline. It consists of the baseline start, baseline finish and baseline cost. Along with Baseline tracking ConceptDraw PROJECT offers several types of visual reports that can help to assess visually the difference between planned and actual project data.

Visual Reports, project management, project report Visual Reports

Visual Reports, project management, project report
The Visual Reports solution extends abilities of ConceptDraw PROJECT by creating the illustrative, informative, colourful and comprehensible reports on a project in a form of visual graphs and diagrams of common types, such as Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Line Charts, Divided Bar Charts, Timelines, Dial Dashboards. This highly effective project management tool helps project managers and other stakeholders to report about the tasks statuses, the project progress and degree of its completion, to evaluate the project status, to depict the project expenses by days and to define the days that go beyond the budget, to compare visually the actual expenses and expected ones at the project planning stage, to generate the Resource chart depicting the utilization of project resources by days, and to show other useful information. The set of tailor-made examples developed for the Visual Reports solution allows designating advantages of each type of report included to this solution for the further use in your management work.
The vector stencils library "Project management" contains 30 project management icons.
Use it to design your business and finance illustrations and infographics with ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software.
The vector stencils library "Project management" is included in the Business and Finance solution from the Illustration area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Start project
Start project, start project,
Project plan
Project plan, project plan,
Project scheme
Project scheme, project scheme,
To do list
To do list, to do list,
Checklist, checklist,
Project strategy
Project strategy, project strategy,
Timetable, timetable,
Project time
Project time, project time,
Project fulfillment
Project fulfillment, project fulfillment,
Project Gantt chart
Project Gantt chart, project gantt chart,
Project completed
Project completed, project completed,
Project report
Project report, project report,
Project management
Project management, project management,
Project descriptions
Project descriptions, project descriptions,
Communications, communications,
Project team
Project team, project team,
Project director
Project director, project director,
Project manager
Project manager, project manager,
Assignment of works
Assignment of works, assignment of works,
Project analyst
Project analyst, project analyst,
Project benefits
Project benefits, project benefits,
Failure to draw on the funds
Failure to draw on the funds, failure to draw on the funds,
Cost overrun
Cost overrun, cost overrun,
Cost, cost,
Project expenses
Project expenses, project expenses,
Portfolio, portfolio,
Ticket, ticket,
Project task
Project task, project task,
Financial resources
Financial resources, financial resources,
Material resources
Material resources, material resources,

project management, Planning, create document, productivity tool, project,  project statuses, tasks, project resources, project reports PM Planning

project management, Planning, create document, productivity tool, project,  project statuses, tasks, project resources, project reports
The PM Planning solution extends the functional abilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw PROJECT software, allowing to automatically create the spreadsheets reflecting the tasks and project statuses for people who have different project roles. The reporting capabilities of this solution are represented by the possibility to generate a wide range of project reports that allow the project managers, senior management and other project participants to be informed on a project daily progress and monthly objectives: All Inclusive Report, All Visible Columns, Milestones with Notes and Objectives, Projects Goals, Projects Managers, Project Team, and Top Level Tasks. The PM Planning solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park is a strong project management and productivity tool which simplifies the process of reporting and lets one create a document with the desired report, includes the predesigned examples, extends and improves the planning capabilities for all team members, improves the project communication, helps to accurately plan, maintain, and finish projects on time, to track the work of project resources, to perform the analytical work and to make effective decisions.

project management, dashboards, project, project indicators, KPI, key performance indicato PM Dashboards

project management, dashboards, project, project indicators, KPI, key performance indicato
The PM Dashboards solution extends the management boundaries of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM and ConceptDraw PROJECT products with an ability to demonstrate changes to the budget status, to show the project progress toward its objectives, to display clearly the identified key performance indicator (KPI) or the set of key performance indicators for any project. This solution provides you with examples and ability to generate three types of visual dashboards reports based on your project data Project Dashboard, Tactical Dashboard, and Radar Chart. By dynamically charting the project’s key performance indicators that are collected on one ConceptDraw DIAGRAM document page, all project participants, project managers, team members, team leaders, stakeholders, and the entire organizations, for which this solution is intended, have access to the daily status of projects they are involved in.

cash flow reports, cash flow, management, project management, planning, reporting Cash Flow Reports

cash flow reports, cash flow, management, project management, planning, reporting
The Cash Flow Reports solution extends the ConceptDraw PROJECT software with the abilities to generate three kinds of management reports in a form of spreadsheets: Cash Flow on Projects, Cash Flow on Resources, and Cash Flow on Tasks. Use them to monitor and to control the cash flow in projects and multiprojects, the project expenses by days, by resources, by tasks, and to analyze effectively the project progress and the compliance of project finances to allocated budget. Having a full content and ideal view, these reports are popular with the project planning and project management teams, project participants, team leaders, and project managers which have the need for demonstrating the steps of work on projects and reporting about project progress in printed reports or on a large screen. The projects examples included in this solution are illustrative and perfectly suit for comprehending all the solution's capabilities.