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Electrical Symbols — Stations

A power station is an industrial facility for the generation of electric power. Most power stations contain one or more generators, a rotating machine that converts mechanical power into electrical power. The relative motion between a magnetic field and a conductor creates an electrical current. The energy source harnessed to turn the generator varies widely. Most power stations in the world burn fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas to generate electricity. Others use nuclear power, but there is an increasing use of cleaner renewable sources such as solar, wind, wave and hydroelectric.

Electrical Symbols — Stations

Pic. 1. Stations Library

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a powerful software for creating professional looking electrical diagram quick and easy. For this purpose you can use the Electrical Engineering solution from the "Engineering" area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.

Electrical Engineering Solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM provides the stencils libraries of ready-to-use predesigned 926 vector symbols, templates and samples that make your electrical drawing quick, easy and effective.

26 libraries of the Electrical Engineering Solution of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM make your electrical diagramming simple, efficient, and effective. You can simply and quickly drop the ready-to-use objects from libraries into your document to create the electrical diagram.

Electrical Symbols

Pic. 2. Electrical Engineering symbols

Electrical diagram software will assist you in drawing your electrical diagrams with minimal effort and makes it very easy for beginners. Electrical symbols and smart connectors help present your electrical drawings, electrical schematic, wiring diagrams and blue prints.

Electrical Symbols — Stations *

Pic. 3. Electrical Symbols — Stations

Most of the electrical symbols can be changed in their appearance, styles and colors according to users' requirements. Electrical symbols are used to represent various electrical and electronic devices in a schematic diagram of an electrical or electronic circuit.

The following table lists some stations electrical symbols in our electrical diagram software.

Symbol Meaning
Electrical Symbols — Stations
Radio stationRadio station
Transmission radio stationTransmission radio station
Reception radio stationReception radio station
Alternating radio stationAlternating radio station
Simultaneous radio stationSimultaneous radio station
General radio stationGeneral radio station
General radio station 2General radio station 2
End radio stationEnd radio station
End radio station 2End radio station 2
Repeater radio stationRepeater radio station
Repeater radio station 2Repeater radio station 2
Portable stationPortable station
Transmission portable stationTransmission portable station
Reception portable stationReception portable station
Alternating portable stationAlternating portable station
Simultaneous portable stationSimultaneous portable station
Mobile stationMobile station
Mobile transmission stationMobile transmission station
Mobile reception stationMobile reception station
Mobile alternating stationMobile alternating station
Mobile simultaneous stationMobile simultaneous station
Direction finding stationDirection finding station
Radio beacon stationRadio beacon station
Controlling stationControlling station
Transmission controlling stationTransmission controlling station
Reception controlling stationReception controlling station
Alternating controlling stationAlternating controlling station
Simultaneous controlling stationSimultaneous controlling station
End stationEnd station
Repeater stationRepeater station
Radio relay stationRadio relay station
Subscriber equipmentSubscriber equipment
Subscriber equipment 2Subscriber equipment 2
Passive relayPassive relay
Space stationSpace station
Active space stationActive space station
Passive space stationPassive space station
Earth tracking stationEarth tracking station
Earth communication serviceEarth communication service
Telegraph repeater, one-way simplexTelegraph repeater, one-way simplex
Telegraph repeater, two-way simplexTelegraph repeater, two-way simplex
Telegraph repeater, duplexTelegraph repeater, duplex
Telegraph repeater, one-way simplex 2Telegraph repeater, one-way simplex 2
Telegraph repeater, two-way simplex 2Telegraph repeater, two-way simplex 2
Telegraph repeater, duplex 2Telegraph repeater, duplex 2
Telegraph repeater qualifiers, polar direct-current (double current)Telegraph repeater qualifiers, polar direct-current (double current)
Telegraph repeater qualifier, neutral direct-current (single current) +/oTelegraph repeater qualifier, neutral direct-current (single current) +/o
Telegraph repeater qualifier, neutral direct-current (single current) -/oTelegraph repeater qualifier, neutral direct-current (single current) -/o
Telegraph equipmentTelegraph equipment
Telegraph transmitterTelegraph transmitter
Telegraph receiverTelegraph receiver
Two-way simplex telegraphTwo-way simplex telegraph
Duplex telegraphDuplex telegraph
Telegraph transmitter 2Telegraph transmitter 2
Telegraph receiver 2Telegraph receiver 2
Two-way simplex telegraph 2Two-way simplex telegraph 2
Duplex telegraph 2Duplex telegraph 2
Telegraph equipment qualifier, tape printingTelegraph equipment qualifier, tape printing
Telegraph equipment qualifier, tape perforatingTelegraph equipment qualifier, tape perforating
Telegraph equipment qualifier, tape printing/perforatingTelegraph equipment qualifier, tape printing/perforating
Telegraph equipment qualifier, page printingTelegraph equipment qualifier, page printing
Telegraph equipment qualifier, keyboardTelegraph equipment qualifier, keyboard
Telegraph equipment qualifier, facsimileTelegraph equipment qualifier, facsimile
Dial telephoneDial telephone
Push-button telephonePush-button telephone
Multiple lines telephoneMultiple lines telephone
Coin box telephoneCoin box telephone
Speaker phoneSpeaker phone
Amplified phoneAmplified phone
Generating station (planned)Generating station (planned)
Generating station (in service)Generating station (in service)
Electric heat station (planned)Electric heat station (planned)
Electric heat station (in service)Electric heat station (in service)
Hydroelectric station (planned)Hydroelectric station (planned)
Hydroelectric station (in service)Hydroelectric station (in service)
Hydroelectric station (planned) 2Hydroelectric station (planned) 2
Hydroelectric station (in service) 2Hydroelectric station (in service) 2
Hydroelectric station (planned) 3Hydroelectric station (planned) 3
Hydroelectric station (in service) 3Hydroelectric station (in service) 3
Hydroelectric station (planned) 4Hydroelectric station (planned) 4
Hydroelectric station (in service) 4Hydroelectric station (in service) 4
Thermoelectric station (planned)Thermoelectric station (planned)
Thermoelectric station (in service)Thermoelectric station (in service)
Coal fueled station (planned)Coal fueled station (planned)
Coal fueled station (in service)Coal fueled station (in service)
Oil/gas fueled station (planned)Oil/gas fueled station (planned)
Oil/gas fueled station (in service)Oil/gas fueled station (in service)
Nuclear station (planned)Nuclear station (planned)
Nuclear station (in service)Nuclear station (in service)
Geothermic station (planned)Geothermic station (planned)
Geothermic station (in service)Geothermic station (in service)
Solar station (planned)Solar station (planned)
Solar station (in service)Solar station (in service)
Wind station (planned)Wind station (planned)
Wind station (in service)Wind station (in service)
Substation (planned)Substation (planned)
Substation (in service)Substation (in service)
Converting substation (planned)Converting substation (planned)
Converting substation (in service)Converting substation (in service)
Prime mover, reciprocating enginePrime mover, reciprocating engine
Prime mover, gas turbinePrime mover, gas turbine
Converting stationConverting station
Converting station 2Converting station 2
Switching stationSwitching station
Switching station 2Switching station 2
Rectifier substation (planned)Rectifier substation (planned)
Rectifier substation (in service)Rectifier substation (in service)
Plasma station MHD (planned)Plasma station MHD (planned)
Plasma station MHD (in service)Plasma station MHD (in service)

In electronics and telecommunications a transmitter or radio transmitter is an electronic device which, with the aid of an antenna, produces radio waves. The transmitter itself generates a radio frequency alternating current, which is applied to the antenna. When excited by this alternating current, the antenna radiates radio waves.

How to Create an Electrical Diagram Using Stations Library

  • Open ConceptDraw DIAGRAM new document page.
  • Select libraries from Electrical Engineering section.

    Libraries from Electrical Engineering section

  • Stations library contains objects, identified by a blue tile in the library pane. Such objects can be edited by using the Action button menu. To open the menu select an object and click the Action Button button in the upper right corner of the object. Action button menu
  • Select the Smart Connector tool Smart Connector. To connect elements using this tool, drag the connector from one connect dot to another.You can use Layers to place connections on different layers.


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Wiring and circuit diagrams use special symbols recognized by everyone who uses the drawings. The symbols on the drawings show how components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, switches, lamps, acoustic devices, measuring devices and other electrical and electronic components are connected together. 26 libraries of the Electrical Engineering Solution of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM make your electrical diagramming simple, efficient, and effective. You can simply and quickly drop the ready-to-use objects from libraries into your document to create the electrical diagram.Electrical Symbols — Lamps, Acoustics, Readouts *
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A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction produces an electromotive force within a conductor which is exposed to time varying magnetic fields. Transformers are used to increase or decrease the alternating voltages in electric power applications. 26 libraries of the Electrical Engineering Solution of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM make your electrical diagramming simple, efficient, and effective. You can simply and quickly drop the ready-to-use objects from libraries into your document to create the electrical diagram.Electrical Symbols — Transformers and Windings *
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Electrical Symbols — Terminals and Connectors →

An electrical connector, is an electro-mechanical device used to join electrical terminations and create an electrical circuit. Electrical connectors consist of plugs (male-ended) and jacks (female-ended). The connection may be temporary, as for portable equipment, require a tool for assembly and removal, or serve as a permanent electrical joint between two wires or devices. 26 libraries of the Electrical Engineering Solution of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM make your electrical diagramming simple, efficient, and effective. You can simply and quickly drop the ready-to-use objects from libraries into your document to create the electrical diagram.Electrical Symbols — Terminals and Connectors
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