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Electrical Symbols — Qualifying

There are several national and international standards for graphical symbols in circuit diagrams, in particular:

  • IEC 60617 (also known as British Standard BS 3939)
  • IEEE Std 91/91a
  • ANSI standard Y32 (also known as IEEE Std 315)
  • Australian Standard AS 1102

IEC-60617 Symbols
  • Qualifying Symbols
    • Operating Devices
    • Linear Direction of Force or Motion
    • Rotative Direction of Force or Motion
    • Propagation Flow or Signal
    • Energy Flow
    • Effect
    • Radiation
    • Fault
    • Winding
    • Mechanical Controls
    • Mechanical Controls, Latching Device
    • Mechanical Controls, Coupling

Electrical Symbols — Qualifying

Pic. 1. Qualifying Library

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a powerful software for creating professional looking electrical diagram quick and easy. For this purpose you can use the Electrical Engineering solution from the "Engineering" area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.

Electrical Engineering Solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM provides the stencils libraries of ready-to-use predesigned 926 vector symbols, templates and samples that make your electrical drawing quick, easy and effective.

26 libraries of the Electrical Engineering Solution of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM make your electrical diagramming simple, efficient, and effective. You can simply and quickly drop the ready-to-use objects from libraries into your document to create the electrical diagram.

Electrical Symbols

Pic. 2. Electrical Engineering symbols

Electrical diagram software will assist you in drawing your electrical diagrams with minimal effort and makes it very easy for beginners. Electrical symbols and smart connectors help present your electrical drawings, electrical schematic, wiring diagrams and blue prints.

Electrical Symbols — Qualifying *

Pic. 3. Electrical Symbols — Qualifying

Most of the electrical symbols can be changed in their appearance, styles and colors according to users' requirements. Electrical symbols are used to represent various electrical and electronic devices in a schematic diagram of an electrical or electronic circuit.

The following table lists some qualifying electrical symbols in our electrical diagram software.

Symbol Meaning
Electrical Symbols — Qualifying
Radiation, non-ion.Radiation, non-ion.
Radiation, ion.Radiation, ion.
Radiation, non-ion., coherentRadiation, non-ion., coherent
Radiation, ion., coherentRadiation, ion., coherent
Radiation, non-ion. 2Radiation, non-ion. 2
Radiation, ion. 2Radiation, ion. 2
Radiation, non-ion., coherent 2Radiation, non-ion., coherent 2
Radiation, ion., coherent 2Radiation, ion., coherent 2
Positive polarityPositive polarity
Negative polarityNegative polarity
Neutral symbolNeutral symbol
Multiple-phase 2Multiple-phase 2
Multiple-phase, interconnect.Multiple-phase, interconnect.
Multiple-phase, interconnect. 2Multiple-phase, interconnect. 2
3 separate windings3 separate windings
3 separate windings, interconnect.3 separate windings, interconnect.
3 separate windings, interconnect. 23 separate windings, interconnect. 2
2-phase 3-wire2-phase 3-wire
2-phase 3-wire, separated2-phase 3-wire, separated
2-phase 3-wire, grounded2-phase 3-wire, grounded
2-phase 3-wire, separat., ground.2-phase 3-wire, separat., ground.
2-phase 4-wire2-phase 4-wire
2-phase 4-wire, grounded2-phase 4-wire, grounded
3-phase (V)3-phase (V)
3-Phase (T)3-Phase (T)
3-phase delta 13-phase delta 1
3-phase delta 1, grounded3-phase delta 1, grounded
3-phase delta 23-phase delta 2
3-phase delta 2, grounded3-phase delta 2, grounded
3-phase delta 2, grounded 23-phase delta 2, grounded 2
3-phase  delta 33-phase delta 3
3-phase delta 43-phase delta 4
3-phase delta 4, grounded3-phase delta 4, grounded
3-phase star, general3-phase star, general
3-phase star, grounded3-phase star, grounded
3-phase star, neutral brought out3-phase star, neutral brought out
3-phase zigzag3-phase zigzag
3-phase zigzag, grounded3-phase zigzag, grounded
3-phase 4-wire, general3-phase 4-wire, general
3-phase 4-wire, grounded3-phase 4-wire, grounded
3-phase 4-wire, neutral brought out3-phase 4-wire, neutral brought out
4-phase, general4-phase, general
4-phase, grounded4-phase, grounded
4-phase, neutral brought out4-phase, neutral brought out
6-phase double star6-phase double star
6-phase double star, grounded6-phase double star, grounded
6-phase double star 26-phase double star 2
6-phase double star, grounded 26-phase double star, grounded 2
6-phase double delta6-phase double delta
6-phase polygon6-phase polygon
6-phase fork6-phase fork
6-phase fork, neutral6-phase fork, neutral
Special connectorSpecial connector
Coaxial symbolCoaxial symbol

A qualifying symbol is graphics or text added to the basic outline of a device’s logic symbol to describe the physical or logical characteristics of the device.

How to Create an Electrical Diagram Using Qualifying Library

  • Open ConceptDraw DIAGRAM new document page.
  • Select libraries from Electrical Engineering section.

    Libraries from Electrical Engineering section

  • There are a few different ways to place an object into your drawing:

    • Click on an object and then click on the document, at the place you want the object to be inserted.
    • Perform a drag-and-drop from the library to your document.
    • Double click on an object’s icon in the library to place an object in the center of your document.
  • Select the Smart Connector tool Smart Connector. To connect elements using this tool, drag the connector from one connect dot to another.You can use Layers to place connections on different layers.
  • Result: Electrical Diagram.

    Electrical Diagram

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