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Network Visualization Guide.
How to Use ConceptDraw Network Visualization Tool

Network directors, system administrators, automatic control system-specialists, specialists on electronic document exchange. People of these professions, by the nature of their occupation, need information on the enterprise network in various representations. As in many other cases, it is visualization of information that helps a specialist to simplify the process of decisionmultilateral parametrization of objects-making. And that's where such a network visualization tool as ConceptDraw DIAGRAM network graph maker comes to aid.

Understanding Network Visualization

Network graph visualization is the process of graphical displaying of networks, network devices and dependencies, network metrics, physical and logical data flows in the form of entities or nodes and links connecting them. Network diagram data visualization gives a quick and intuitively understood overview of the networks and allows monitoring and analyzing them, identifying dependencies and trends, planning capacity, troubleshooting, and resolving outages or bottlenecks.

Network Graph Visualization

Example 1. Network Graph Visualization

The Basics of Network Visualization

Use it for:

  • graphics for Internet traffic statistics
  • calculation of network cost
  • diagrams on available network resources
  • organizational diagrams
  • domain maps
  • visualization of any other data;
  • network floor plan layout
  • rack shemes illustration
  • structure cloud or local storages

Benefits of Visualizing Network Structures

Key benefits of network data visualization:

  • improves network visibility
  • simplifies complex data
  • ensures more informed network planning
  • reveals patterns and trends
  • accelerates troubleshooting
  • improves retention and engagement
  • increases accessibility
  • improves communication
  • streamlines onboarding
  • provides real-time monitoring
  • assists in predictive analysis
  • helps in decision-making
  • simplifies identification areas that need attention or improvement
Computer Network Diagram

Example 2. Computer Network Diagram

Correctly constructed documentation is a powerful assistant in reliable network development and establishment. The enormous variety of pre-made vector objects included in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM solutions libraries helps to create attractive and comprehensive network content intuitively and quickly.

Importance of Visualization in Network Management

Network management refers to the process of configuring, monitoring, and managing the performance of a network, and completing ongoing tasks. It helps IT teams to operate efficiently, well-coordinated, in more agile ways, and optimize network performance. Visualization in network management is especially useful and important. Network graph visualization additionally enhances its efficiency because helps to make the structure and processes more visual and simplifies their comprehension and analysis.

Network Management in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

Example 3. Network Management in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

Overview of ConceptDraw Network Graphing Software

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM network graphing software makes the entire process of network visualization easier thanks to the numerous ready-to-use objects included in the package for presentation of network equipment, LDAP directory symbols and many other objects that symbolize resources in most various representations.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM possibilities

Smart connectors simplify displaying of interconnections among the network graph elements: once you have interconnected the symbols of the devices, they will remain connected even if you shift any of them.


  • a set of templates and libraries with ready-to-use objects
  • powerful graphic capabilities (2D-graphics)
  • support for hyperlinks
  • numerous export formats
  • scripting language ConceptDraw Basic
  • possibility to use external shared libraries
  • XML support
  • multilateral parametrization of objects
  • cross-platform (Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows)

To display different network levels you can draw diagram or network graph on several layers and show or hide layers according to your needs. Another variant of layer division that can be realized in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is creation of a multi-page document connected by hyperlinks.

ConceptDraw objects allow to save arbitrary detailed information on the equipment in the user's properties of the object (Custom Properties).

Rich possibilities for setting text properties, and ready-to-use background objects allow to beautifully design diagrams; the set of supported export formats (various vector and raster formats: PNG, JPG, BMP and other. Vector formats: PDF (layers support on Windows), MS Power Point. Hyperlinks support not only HTML export, but PDF too simplify the process of information exchange with your colleagues and business partners.

A great step in (the degree of utility) of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM was made after the appearance of ConceptDraw Basic โ€” the in-built scripting language of ConceptDraw. The typical task for ConceptDraw Basic is to automate visualization of some data. This data can be obtained in the result of work of an arbitrary application (including ConceptDraw-script) and it can be saved in a text file. In the first two cases further on data will be read and outlined with the help of ConceptDraw Basic. In case you use a ConceptDraw open format (XML for ConceptDraw or XML for Visio) can open the obtained document in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, add design details and get a presentable diagram. Possibilities of ConceptDraw Basic greatly increase at using the script functions, which are exported by the shared libraries.

Here are several examples on the ideas of automation that may attract specialists who plan and track functioning of computer networks.

Target Audience and Use Cases

Organization Chart Wizard

Planning a network for tracking information traffic with the aim of traffic localization you need information on the company structure visually displayed. It can be presented, for example, as an organizational chart.

network equipment

Having created the network diagram on the level of the devices used and having assigned the cost of the devices in the object custom properties you can, with the help of simple CDBasic-script evaluate the cost of the solution obtained. Such a script can accelerate planning of the equipment for the future network or upgrading the existing one. For users' convenience ConceptDraw DIAGRAM library objects, representing the network equipment are already supplied with many typical characteristics (producer, serial number, premises...), but you can always add new ones, needed for a specific task. Note that in such a case there is no need in interaction between ConceptDraw Basic with the external libraries, as well as in temporary storing of information in some file or DB.

Tips and Best Practices for Network Visualization

Support of a number of open formats, the possibility of interaction with files and the ability of ConceptDraw Basic to call the functions exported by the external shared libraries opens wide opportunities for building most various solutions in the field of data visualization and network data visualization. Moreover, such subject field as planning and management of networks are capable of presenting a large number of tasks, awaiting to be solved within the given technology.

Network Visualization with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

Example 4. Network Graph Design with Network Graph Maker

Managing Large and Complex Networks

Networks play a central role in today's society. They are used for numerous purposes in numerous sectors: communication, business, mobility, transport, etc. Therefore, numerous algorithms, network graph and diagram types were developed to manage networks, including large and complex networks. They help to display the strategies for the management of networks and choose the best one for you, manage and control everything connected to your network, reduce the complexity of the large-scale network configuration, and simplify managing transaction flows and substantial amounts of data in a network.

Optimizing Performance for Smooth Visualization

Good performance is critical to success in many areas including networks. The smoothed analysis is one of the ways to optimize performance, reveal patterns in the network, and balance the traffic on input and output wires. It helps to study dynamic and static networks, detect and eliminate gaps efficiently, make adjustments, avoid distortion, optimize assets, and improve performance metrics.


The Computer and Networks area of Solution Park for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM network graphing software includes 16 solutions useful for network visualization. Use a desired network visualization tool from the listed ones to simplify network diagram design:

  1. Active Directory Diagrams โ€” Document the structure of Microsoft Windows networks, Active Directory domains, Organizational Units (OU), and Exchange Server organization. Manage the controlled access to printers and files, access and security, network equipment maintenance and repair, and data backup, storage, and recovery.
  2. Azure Architecture โ€” ConceptDraw teams up with Microsoft to bring the Azure Diagrams solution, a selection of Azure-themed graphics and templates, allowing you to create effective Azure architecture diagrams.
  3. AWS Architecture Diagrams โ€” The solution includes the icons Amazon notation suggests to be used when creating architecture diagrams describing your use of Amazon Web Services or Amazon Cloud Services.
  4. Cisco Network Diagrams โ€” The Cisco Network Diagrams solution contains Cisco network symbols and icons to help you visualize computer network topology, equipment connections, and arrangement.
  5. Cisco Networking โ€” Use Cisco Networking solution to succeed in designing network configurations using the Cisco network equipment and devices, in modeling networks, in installing Cisco equipment, managing networks and ensuring their security.
  6. Cloud Computing Diagrams โ€” Succeed in design Cloud Computing Diagrams, visually represent how cloud computing works and depict professionally Cloud Computing Architecture.
  7. Computer Network Diagram โ€” A comprehensive set of graphics covering all elements of computer networking. Create diagrams containing computer hardware, user inputs, and communication devices.
  8. Google Cloud Platform โ€” This solution with numerous predesigned Google Cloud Platform icons the best suits for designing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) architectural diagrams and drawings, to illustrate best features and services of Google Cloud Platform.
  9. Internet of Things โ€” Implement efficiently the automation in homes, enterprises and industries with Internet of Things (IoT) and Web of Things (WoT) diagrams and infographics. Clipart, pictograms and symbols of IoT sensors, IoT devices, smart appliances, retail, industrial, agricultural and other IoT devices are beneficial for the development process.
  10. Interactive Voice Response Diagrams โ€” Create a diagram that visualizes the logical structure of an interactive voice response system. A complex IVR system may have many different options available through voice recognition or button-pressing responses - map them out with the help of this solution.
  11. Network Layout Floor Plans โ€” This solution allows you to create a computer network blueprint of your home or business. Create an overview of the connections between computers, modems and routers with a workspace.
  12. Network Security Diagrams โ€” Depict and illustrate useful knowledge about network security, cyber security degrees, secure wireless network, represent the network security tips, develop new effective network security devices and IT security solutions, and share them easily with your colleagues and friends.
  13. Rack Diagrams โ€” A rack diagrams can visualize the rack mounting of computer and network equipment as a frontal view of the rack, with the equipment installed. You can decide the best configuration before beginning the physical task.
  14. Telecommunication Network Diagrams โ€” Create a diagram depicting telecommunication on any scale. From call centers to GPS navigation systems, TV networks to satellite communication, wireless broadband to radio linking.
  15. Vehicular Networking โ€” Show a variety of transportation networks and their connections on a local or global scale. By boat, by air or by land; your drawing has no bounds.
  16. Wireless Networks โ€” A solution with graphics relating to all aspects of wireless networking. Design or document the wireless network from your home or business.
ConceptDraw will help you to create the room planning of any configuration quickly and skillfully. ConceptDraw contains a number of ready templates for creation of premises plans, and due to libraries with interior objects existing in the program you will be able to place furniture, denote the location of doors and windows and indicate dimensions.Room planning
Picture: Room planning with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
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Fast visualization of structured data is main capability of the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. With numerous vector stencils and standard flowchart symbols from object libraries and the RapidDraw technology this program stands as the best professional flowchart software for drawing with type of flowchart symbols. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM also known as best flowchart maker.Easy Flowchart Program and Standard Flowchart Symbols *
Picture: Easy Flowchart Program and Standard Flowchart Symbols
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This sample was created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and vector drawing software using the Flowcharts solution from the Diagrams area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. This sample shows the Flowchart that displays the procedures of 2PP (two-party preferred) voting and counting the voters. The two-party-preferred vote is the result of the elections that was distributed to the final two parties.Basic Flowchart Images. Flowchart Examples *
Picture: Basic Flowchart Images. Flowchart Examples
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Pyramid chart example is included in the Pyramid Diagrams solution from Marketing area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.Pyramid Diagram *
Picture: Pyramid Diagram
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Studying informatics demands knowledge in the area of computer networks as well. The most famous world network, Internet, is an example of wide area network (WAN) topology that connects devices spread on any distance. Unlike other smaller networks that are limited to a building or to a campus, WAN is almost limitless. This WAN (wide area network) diagram was created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. It shows a telecommunication network that covers a large geographical area connecting several settlements. This type of networks is commonly used by business and government institutions. Using the WANs enables them quickly communicate information between remote geographical points. To reproduce this network diagram, you will need the means, provided by ConceptDraw Computer and Network Diagrams solution.Wide area network (WAN) topology. <br>Computer and Network Examples *
Picture: Wide area network (WAN) topology. Computer and Network Examples
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When describing any computer network, we imagine a set of devices and nodes, arranged in some way. Talking about network structures, we should distinguish physical and logical network topologies, as physical topology is about devices location and logical topology illustrates data flow. In the same time, they do not have to match, and some devices, such as repeaters, may have a physical star layout, but a bus logical topology. There are two main types of computer network topologies: Physical topology that show the physical organization of a network - equipment and types of connections. Star network topology involves a set of devices that is connected to a single hub (router). Ring network topology means that, devices connected according this topology have two connections, connecting with nearby devices to make a loop. Bus network topology is the topology presented at the current diagram. It is similar to a ring topology. The difference is that data moves up and down a linear connection, copying itself where network equipment works as bus-stations along the way. This network topology can be used for small network, or when adding an extra device into a network.Network Topologies
Picture: Network Topologies
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ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is the professional business graphic software for drawing diagrams and charts with great visual appeal on Mac OS X.The Best Drawing Program for Mac *
Picture: The Best Drawing Program for Mac
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Process Flow Charts are very popular and widely used in chemical and process engineering for representation a general flow of plant processes and equipment. If you need often draw them, the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and vector drawing software extended with tools of Flowcharts Solution will be useful for you. The mostly used set of process flow chart symbols includes the following: Rectangle (box) process flow chart symbol, Rounded rectangle, Circle, Diamond.Process Flow Chart Symbol *
Picture: Process Flow Chart Symbol
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Computer networks nowadays are spread all across the world. The large number of parameters, such as geographic scale or communication protocols, can divide networks. One of the most common types of networks is called local area network (LAN). It convenient to represent network examples by means of diagrams. This local area network (LAN) diagram provides an easy way to see the way the devices in a local network are interacted. The diagram uses a library containing specific symbols to represent network equipment , media and the end-user devices such as computers (PC, mac, laptop) , network printer, hubs, server and finally a modem. There are two types of network topologies: physical and logical. The current diagram represents precisely a physical type of LAN topology because it refers to the physical layout of a local network equipment.Local area network (LAN) diagram
Picture: Local area network (LAN). Computer and Network Examples
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