ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Supports MS Visio File Format, and Other Remarkable Facts About ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is the only product that supports Visio legacy and new document standards, runs on Macintosh and Windows, and is a perpetual license.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM has been the go-to product for individuals and organizations for a long time. There may be a few things in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM that you may not know about.

  1. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM can import and export files in MS Visio’s (2013/2016/365/2019/2021) native file format, VSDX.
    Why this is important is because it provides you with compatibility with the new generation of Visio file format. You can find Visio documents just about everywhere that address just about everything, but if you have an interest beyond just viewing them, you will need a good tool like ConceptDraw DIAGRAM.

  2. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM will import MS Visio’s (2003/2010) native VSD and VDX file format. This is important is because if you looked at all of the Visio documents floating around the world, most of them are in this older file format.
    Even though VSD and VDX were the standard formats when Visio 2010 shipped, many 3rd-party vendors still use this format to exchange documents. Now, the large number of Visio documents is divided between the older standard and the newer standard. Fortunately ConceptDraw DIAGRAM users do not have to worry which generation of product created the drawing you want to view, edit, and distribute.

  3. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM imports either generation of MS Visio stencils (VSS or VSSX) to speed up the drawing process.
    This is important because stencils are collections of objects that can be used in drawings to speed up one’s work. In addition to importing stencils, when one opens a document for the first time all of the drawing objects that are not provided by ConceptDraw DIAGRAM are automatically placed in a new custom library for you to save and reuse.

Compatibility with MS Visio

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 17

MS Visio 2013/2016/365/2019/2021

Import/Export VSDX, and Import VSSX files        

MS Visio 2003/2010

Import/Export VDX, and Import VSD, VSS files

  1. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM exports to HTML, Adobe PDF, MS PowerPoint, SVG, and over 20 common graphics formats, including the animated GIF.
    These high-value export options of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM  allow you to share your drawing across many format mediums.

  2. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM works on either macOs or Windows powered computers.
    From day 1 we have supported both types of computers. Our applications are designed for our customer’s computer of choice; they are not clunky ports of one type of application to another. The applications are designed and optimized for the user’s preferred operating system.

  3. No need to be connected to the web or experience delays when working. An internet connection only required for product activation,  and solutions download.
    This is important because it maximizes our users’ productivity.

  4. All of our standalone licenses, including ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, are perpetual licenses. No additional monthly or annual costs required.
    This is important because it stretches your budget.

  5. No charge for technical support. Web and live telephone-support is available for our customers.
    The advantage here is that we are active in our support of customers.

  6. Extensive vector-based libraries help you quickly finish any drawing task.
    The advantage here is you get more done in less time.

  7. You can create any diagram you need using pre-designed libraries and can even create your own.
    The advantage here is that you can regularly issue professional-looking diagrams effortlessly.

  8. New graphic solutions available via ConceptDraw Solutions on a frequent basis.
    We are always updating and adding new free and paid graphic solutions. The advantage here is that you are constantly getting access to new professional vector-based graphics.

  9. Discount pricing is available for academic, nonprofit, government, commercial, upgrade, and competitive upgrades.
    We work with you to stretch your budget even further.

  10. You can purchase ConceptDraw DIAGRAMas a stand-alone license, or as part of the ConceptDraw OFFICE productivity suite.
    The advantage here is that all the products in the product suite are discounted, saving you additional money.

  11. When surveying the marketplace for a business graphics software solution, ConceptDraw DIAGRAM becomes the clear choice for you and your organization. Try a fully functioning 21-day trial of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM for free.
    Just Sign Up on then download and install to enjoy the next generation of business graphics and diagramming products.