Diagramming ABC’s

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 is a diagramming tool that lets you easily create diagrams in minutes to support any business communication process. You can create simple or complex drawings to communicate status or condition to your audience.

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ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 creates drawings, diagrams and charts with great visual appeal. It is simple to express ideas to share with others that quickly convey what you are thinking when using ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 is a spectacular, easy-to-use tool for preparing presentations and business documentation, describing structures and processes, making schematic diagrams, and drawing technical sketches.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 is powerful enough to be the standard-bearer business graphic tool for organizations of any size, producing rich visual documents that convey meaning and support company’s internal and external communication needs. Graphic company communications include dashboards displaying key performance indicators and depiction of processes based on company data. From simple to complex, ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 fills every niche.

Diagramming Tools

Objects and Connections

In addition to a wide assortment of basic shapes, ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 includes over 20,000 pre-made objects. Configurable drawing tools, like Smart, Clone tool, automatic color and texture fill tools, attribute eye dropper, hyperlinks, and flexible text tools, make it quick and easy to create professional diagrams that are clear and easily understood.

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Editing and Formatting

Objects in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 can be rotated, positioned one behind the other, aligned with one another and substituted with ease. You can modify and save ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 objects to a library for future use. Objects that conform to your organization’s identity save you time and effort. In addition to all the color fill options, ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 comes with many different textures to fill objects, or you can scan your own sample texture and use it as an object fill. Text can be typed inside any object and easily be positioned to maximize object identification. Formatting tools include the drawing guideline grid which has “snap to” capabilities, dynamic guides to align objects, multiple drawing layers to simplify drawing tasks, and scaling to correctly size your drawing for any size circumstance.

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New in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12, is the RapidDraw feature that allows you to assemble quickly business charts with minimal effort, increasing your productivity and making you a drawing wizard. Hover on a placed object and directional arrows with object symbols make flowchart layouts an easy task.

rapid-draw technology

Libraries and Objects


ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 contains a large collection of sample drawings and diagrams that correspond to the template you have selected. Sample documents show you some of the amazing results that can be achieved using ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12. Sometimes, this is exactly what you need to get an idea on how to make your own diagram.

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ConceptDraw Solutions

ConceptDraw Solutions collection contains many templates and libraries for more specific business diagramming needs. These libraries greatly extend ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12’s core functionality with just a simple download. This extensibility brings huge additional value to users.

conceptdraw smart objects

Printing, Exporting, and Presenting


Highly configurable print configuration capabilities allow you to print any size drawing to any standard or custom page size. On top of the single page flexibility in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12, it is also possible to print all of a document’s pages onto a single page to preview a multi-page document, as well as print one document page on multiple pages to assemble poster-size drawings. Printing output is crucial, and ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 has the flexibility to meet your needs.

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ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 can build powerful presentations that will take your graphic content and present it in its best light. You can select from four powerful presentation modes to properly convey your message. There is no more flexible presentation builder and presentation tool available anywhere. The graphic sophistication of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 will put the WOW factor in what you present.

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To stay on top of your business, you need to be able to share your data in a variety of formats. ConceptDraw PRO provides extensive export options to meet your communications needs. These high-value export options allow you to share your drawing, diagrams, and data across many format mediums. For example, ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 exports to Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Visio and Office applications, and over 20 common graphics formats.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 also supports exporting to web formats for posting your drawing to the Internet. Adobe Flash, HTML, and Scalable Vector Graphics exports allow you to communicate over the web.

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