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How to Edit Text on Mac

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM offers a range of tools enabling you easily edit text placed in objects or on a document page. Read in this article how to add and edit text in a ConceptDraw DIAGRAM macOS version.

How to Edit Text on PC

There are several types of text, which is usually contained in the drawing: diagram element signs, stand-alone text blocks, document title, and comments. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM offers a range of tools enabling you to easily edit text placed in objects or on a document page. Read in this article how to add and edit text in a ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Windows version.

How to Add and Edit Connector Text

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM gives you some tools for connecting shapes: Direct Connectors, Smart, Arc, Bezier, Curve and Round Connectors. Direct Connectors are direct lines from the point to the point. Smart, Arc, Bezier, Curve and Round Connectors are almost the same as Direct Connectors. However, they automatically move around other objects. You can use Chain, or Tree connection mode for connection of multiple objects with any type of connectors. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM allows you to add and move text on a connector the same way that you add and move text on other any object.

How to Connect a Single Project Items

ConceptDraw PROJECT allows connecting any items in the single project file: Project, Task, Resource.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Actions

Mind map that details the various keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions that can be utilized in ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

How to Edit Grouped Objects on Mac

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM offers a range of built-in facilities in order to enable you to quickly edit any diagram or other visualization made using ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, or MS Visio. Grouping shapes, pictures, or objects lets you style, format, rotate, and move them together, as though they were a single object.

How to Protect a Document From Performing Unwanted Operations

Tips on how to protect a ConceptDraw document from unwanted changes. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM gives you the possibility to prevent unexpected changes to your drawings. You can protect separate objects within the document as well as the entire document. You can protect objects from deletion, resizing or moving.

How to Build a Flowchart

The ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a professional software for quick creating great looking flowcharts. The vector stencils from object libraries allows you to use RapidDraw technology. By the clicking on direction arrows one can add new object to flowcharts. This technology gives to users the ability to fast creating visualization for the structural data.
Learn the basics of flowcharting and see how to build create a flowchart using ConceptDraw automatic drawing tools.

How to Create an SDL Diagram

Specification and Description Language (SDL) is intended to describe systems that switched state often and rapidly. An SDL diagram is a view of a system, that can depict a single process or complex relationships between a number of elements. The SDL diagram supports a nested hierarchy. A system is divided into blocks, each of them can be described as a process until finally, one can see the initial procedures that make up each process. The advantage of this method is that a system can be viewed in a manageable part that can be followed separately. ConceptDraw Specification and Description Language solution contains the library, with an SDL notation in a vector stencil graphics. The SDL solution also provides a set of samples, to show the level of hierarchical detail that is possible.

Create Organizational Chart

CSOdessa team is happy to provide cost effective Organizational Chart Software for companies of any size. It is a ConceptDraw DIAGRAM extended with Organizational Charts Solution from the Management Area.
ConceptDraw DIAGRAM organizational chart professional software allows quickly create organizational charts, flow charts, time lines, and much more. Use it for drawing organizational chart for any size company and analyzing organizational structure. Use ConceptDraw to create organizational chart, visualize company Organizational chart, hospital Organizational chart, hotel Organizational chart, corporate organizational chart, etc.