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How to Build a Flowchart

Steps of the RapidDraw

A flowchart is a type of diagram used for designing, analyzing, documenting and managing the processes and programs, it lets visually represent an algorithm, workflow or process using the boxes objects to show the steps and connecting them with arrows, and applying a diamond symbol to represent a decision.

The ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a professional software for quick and easy building great looking flowcharts of various types and any degree of complexity. An important role at the simplicity of drawing the flowcharts plays the ConceptDraw's RapidDraw technology which lets to add the objects with just a single click and create professional-looking flowcharts in a few steps.

The vector stencils from the object libraries allow you to use the RapidDraw technology. By clicking on direction arrows one can add new object to flowchart. This technology gives to ConceptDraw users the ability of fast creating visualization for the structural data.

  • Start new document
  • Open Flowcharts Rapid Draw library from the Flowcharts solution
  • Add a first object to page
  • Place cursor on the object
  • You will see blue arrows with drop-down object
  • Pick needed object
  • New object is added and connected with connector
    Note: New object also will have a Rapid Draw functionality

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Add new objects using the same method
    Note: New object will be added at the same side as a blue arrow points

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Continue to draw a flowchart

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Flowchart base is ready, let's fill it out
    Note: When you work with rapid draw objects, once you reach left or bottom edge of page, its size will double automatically

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Zoom in the drawing for your convenience. Use mouse scroll with held Command (Ctrl)
  • Change size and fill the text in the needed object

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Align objects using Align options on the ribbon. All objects will be aligned basing on object highlighted with green
  • Add text and change size, if needed

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Change objects disposition regarding to one another
  • Change the path of connector using yellow control dots. In this case connector will stick to new trajectory, even if you move connected object

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Align objects horizontally

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Fill the text
  • Allign text center using Inspector

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Add missing connectors to the objects. Connection points will appear as crosses

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Add new connectors, if needed
  • Connect connector with object's center; in this case, when you move an object, connector will follow the closest path side

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Adjust the page size to the drawn flowchart file using the Document Properties - Page Size menu

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Select connector and add the text to it
  • Adjust its angle and object box

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Add text to other objects and connectors
  • Adjust its position with yellow control dot

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Select all objects with Command+A
  • Use Shape menu - Make Same - Size, to equalize it
  • Select few objects with held Shift button
  • Align objects
How to Build a Flowchart *
  • Select few objects
  • Open Inspector from ribbon
  • Set the color and switch off the stroke

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Repeat actions for another group of objects
  • Again, adjust the page size to the File

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Select connectors
  • Change colors and end objects
  • Change connector's text color

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Double click on a page name at Pages inspector
  • Enter the page's name

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Check your document
  • Adjust objects and connectors, if needed
  • Revert connectors. if needed

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • Your Flowchart is ready!

    How to Build a Flowchart

  • All exporting commands are available at ConceptDraw DIAGRAM from the File menu. You can immediately apply them when your Flowchart is ready.

    How to Build a Flowchart

    The possibility of exporting to variety of popular graphical formats (PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, BMP, DIB, EMF, SVG) and file formats, such as Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Visio (VDX, VSDX), Adobe Flash (SWF), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), HTML, opens wide opportunities for you.

    Export to MS Visio

    Export to PDF

    Export to MS PowerPoint

Now, you can fast and easy create your Flowcharts with powerful ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software. And thanks to the wide export capabilities effectively collaborate and exchange information with other people, demonstrate your Flowcharts to wide auditory and your colleagues, even if they don't have the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software.

Video How to Build a Flowchart (1min 49sec)


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When used in different areas, flowcharts use specific symbols to depict different elements. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM offers libraries of symbols for many areas. One of such libraries is flowchart symbols accounting, which provides symbols for accounting diagrams. Activity-based costing calculates the costs of all products and services based on activities in an organization. A type of accounting flowchart that shows how costs are assigned to products with resources and activities is called Activity-based costing (ABC) flowchart. It can be designed in a digital drawing software such as ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. Here is an accounting flowchart template and symbols. These flowchart symbols are applied for making accounting flow charts in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM and with its Accounting Flowcharts solution. An accounting flowchart is a specific type of a flow diagram. Practically a number of flowchart-type diagrams commonly utilized to clarify many parts of an accounting department working process. Accounting flowchart assists a process of preparing accounting documentation. It shows who responsible for implementation of each step in the workflow of accounting department.Flowchart Symbols Accounting. <br>Activity-based costing (ABC) flowchart *
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An orgchart shows how the responsibilities are divided between departments. It’s enough to have just one look on a proper organizational chart template to understand the idea and how it works. To understand how it’s made you should use a diagramming software. This organizational diagram illustrates the possibilities of using ConceptDraw DIAGRAM to create orgcharts. This sample represents the common project management company. The chart shows the structure of devisions in the company, and the interaction between them. Communication between departments imply a certain structure affiliation and reporting. At the head of the company - President. This diagram was created using ConceptDraw solution for designing Organizational charts of any structure and complexity.Organizational Chart Template *
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This sample was created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and vector drawing software using the Flowcharts solution from the Diagrams area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. This sample shows the Flowchart that displays the procedures of 2PP (two-party preferred) voting and counting the voters. The two-party-preferred vote is the result of the elections that was distributed to the final two parties.Basic Flowchart Images. Flowchart Examples *
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Pyramid Diagram →

When thinking about the process of decision making, it's easy to imagine it as a pyramid. We will look at a three level pyramid model as an example. Operational decisions are first that come to mind, and it's the first level. Tactical and strategic decisions are the second and the third levels. Pyramid (triangle) diagrams are used to show some hierarchical data. Because to the pyramid form of diagram, each diagram slice has a different width. The width of each segment depends on its hierarchical level. The current image illustrates the model of information system types. Most graphically the model can be represented as a three level pyramid. The first level shows a system of transaction processing It is concentrated on operational tasks. The second level is devoted to tactical solutions of the information system management. And at least, the third level addresses strategy and represents the executive information system. This three level pyramid sample is supplied with the ConceptDraw Pyramid Diagrams solution from Marketing area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.Pyramid Diagram *
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Any hierarchical structure of any company can be represented as a triangle or a pyramid. You can create a pyramid diagram and pyramid chart of any complexity using special libraries included in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. Actually, any knowledge or chain of facts can also be depicted as a pyramid. A wide range of graph and chart are utilized in marketing to maintain documentation and various visual issues, that deal with marketing information and data. The marketing value pyramid can be created to illustrate how the value of company, or product is based on its competitiveness. To design this diagram we used ConceptDraw DIAGRAM drawing tools in conjunction with Pyramid solution for Solution Park.Pyramid Diagram and Pyramid Chart *
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