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ConceptDraw PROJECT
Project Management Software Tool

Project management software tool ConceptDraw PROJECT allows to organize and manage projects more effectively. ConceptDraw PROJECT is simple project management software for planning project tasks along with project objectives. This flexible tool can be used as your customer project management software or marketing project management software, also it used as simple project management software for software development projects.

project management tool. Example of Gantt Chart in project management tool
Gantt Chart
in project management tool

Project management tool. Main views:

  • Gantt charts
  • Resource list
  • Projects view
  • MindMaps

When do you need Project management Tool?

If you are on the fast track in your career and start facing such challenges as coordination many people, coordination tasks and works, manage project with a great deal of time and money involved - it is the right time to get Project management tool involved in your work.

Why is it worth investing in Project management tool?

  • With Project management tool you can work more effectively!
  • With Project management tool you can coordinate and manage projects more efficiency!
  • With Project management tool you can save time and money!
  • With Project management tool you can complete projects on time and on budget!
  • With Project management tool you can to get projects dome more quickly and intelligently.

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Why from a wide range of project management tools it's better to choose ConceptDraw PROJECT management application?

Key Features of ConceptDraw PROJECT management tool:

  • Easily share your projects across Mac and Win with ConceptDraw PROJECT management tool
  • ConceptDraw PROJECT management tool allows to work with projects of any size and length
  • Make a quick HTML report with Wizard that is a part of Project management tool
  • Brainstorm and generate your projects from MINDMAP with ConceptDraw PROJECT Management tool
  • ConceptDraw PROJECT management tool allows to generate project status reports
  • ConceptDraw PROJECT management tool supports export/import to/from a number of formats e.g. Microsoft Project XML
  • ConceptDraw PROJECT management tool lets you publish your projects across the Web
  • Email your projects and project reports as PDF files.

No other project management tool gives you all these at such low price!

Download FREE trial of ConceptDraw PROJECT Management tool now! Read more about ConceptDraw PROJECT management tool

ConceptDraw PROJECT <br>Project Management Software Tool *

Gantt Chart : Gantt chart software : Gant Chart


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