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Here is a collection of user stories. In this issue we are introduced how our users apply ConceptDraw products to accomplish their objectives. Below you will find the related experiences of our users telling you of their experiences and successes they experienced with the help of ConceptDraw products.

Emergency Management

Using ConceptDraw MINDMAP for visually communication in the emergency planning, Jill Collins presents her emergency plans to cross-disciplinary hospital team at a glance, because ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers a the ability to capture, organize, and display clearly the staff responsibilities.

Coaching the Coaches

Dealing with teaching people a new way to manage large projects, Pat Foltz, the Professional Trainer uses ConceptDraw MINDMAP to break large projects down into smaller, manageable tasks. She teaches her students how to use a visual format to follow their own thinking process in approaching a large, complex project.

Managing Six Sigma Projects

Ralph Jarvis develop repeatable process to simplify health insurance validation. He uses ConceptDraw MINDMAP to capture team brainstorming and switch to ConceptDraw PROJECT to create implementation plan. The combination of two applications provides teams with a creative, flexible environment to see the initial ideas through to implementation.

Managing Large Projects

The processes using by Anselm Bassano are highly creative and conceptual. The fact that a ConceptDraw MINDMAP can convert mind maps into a Gantt chart with just one click brings real value while managing large diversified projects.

Managing Exploration Projects

Paul Miller must meet the needs of diversified international projects, utilizing over 800 experienced employees. He uses ConceptDraw MINDMAP to set up project drafts and share project data with his international team, using ConceptDraw Office.

Designing Virtual Tours with ConceptDraw PRO

Defijn Vernimmen is a middle- biz Interior Photography company. Mr. Vernimmen is a pioneer in the designing of virtual interior tours for online audiences. They use ConceptDraw PRO to layout their virtual tours for clients.

Managing Exploration Projects

Paul Miller must meet the needs of diversified international projects, utilizing over 800 experienced employees. He uses ConceptDraw MINDMAP to set up project drafts and share project data with his international team, using ConceptDraw Office.

Let’s Learn to Think Creatively

Dr. Karwoski from the University of Las Vegas uses mind mapping since 1980. She uses it for analyzing and prioritizing personal projects. It became even more important to her when she entered graduate school and began using it to map textbook chapters, lectures, and articles.

Create Documents Clients Expect to See

Walter Diechmann is an owner of ALCO, an information technology consulting company. The businesses templates provide within ConceptDraw Office are the corporate standard here. Because of an excellent way to create the documents that clients expect to see.

The Perfect Decision for Project Management in Consulting

Sumir Nagar is an accomplished strategy consultant in HSBC. Mr. Nagar was impressed on the fact that ConceptDraw Office was the best way for him to work in building and presenting winning strategies.

Discover the New World of Productivity with Macintosh and ConceptDraw Office

Mr. Moran, the Independent Consultant and Interim Manager discovered ConceptDraw Office to be an excellent project management tool and was impressed with the structured drawing package for Macintosh. This simple decision introduced him to a whole new world of productivity.

Education Management Best Practices

Mr. Stanislav Kaul, Physics Faculty Administrator at Moscow University, uses ConceptDraw Office while developing the internal collaboration process between 1400 employees. The possibility to create and send reports in a view of mind map was more than useful.

Global Packaging Design

Albert Dandl is a Plant Systems Manager in the packaging industry. Mr. Dandl analyzes existing business processes and develops new processes using ConceptDraw PRO. He creates workflow diagrams, that helps visualize workflows for over 24,000 employees.

Education and Research in Software Engineering

Create and provide learning course in software engineering, was the mission of Professor Ivo Vondrak, Mr. Vondrak uses ConceptDraw PRO to create UML diagrams as samples to support his courses. He takes full advantage of the special UML modeling object libraries.

Healthcare Market Consulting

The challenge that Frank Dieffenbach faces in a Healthcare consulting business was achieving efficient insight into clients’ needs without being disruptive to their current processes. The biggest benefit he have encountered, is the smooth interaction and integration within ConceptDraw Office.


Recruiting and Human Resource Management demands clear organization and sorting of information, with a careful attention to detail. Otto Eggers uses mind maps to sort and manage employer and job seeker data by their skills and need.

Education Content Consulting

Producing of educational content in terms of professional education in IT and Administrative Process is the job for Luis Panao — the Educational Consultant. ConceptDraw Office enables Luis to provide solutions for various processes and training requirements with a high level of quality standards.

Research Science and Investigation

Managing over 500 active research projects made Dr. Marsch an expert of multiple task and resource management. He creates special mind maps to define tasks to maintain team focus.

Network Engineering Design

Brad Hedlund, a Sales Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems required an effective tool for network design on Windows and Macintosh platforms. He chooses ConceptDraw PRO. While diagramming, Brad use over 400 objects from specific object libraries.

Competitive Intelligence Consulting

The integration of the ConceptDraw Office applications creates a complete and manageable tool that supports all aspects of a competitive intelligence specialist’s work, and facilitates all internal and external work processes for consistent efficiency.