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New in the ConceptDraw Help Desk

Welcome to the new “How to Use Solutions” area of ConceptDraw Help Desk. This area was developed to deliver ConceptDraw users a better experience when using the productivity-increasing capabilities of the ConceptDraw Solution Park. Here are the featured articles in the new ConceptDraw Help Desk area:

Plan Projects Effectively Using Mind Maps

You can view your project task mind map as a Gantt chart.
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Collaboration of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and MS Word

Convert a document, created in ConceptDraw MINDMAP into a MS Word document.
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Quickly Create an Organizational Chart

You can easily create an organizational chart from a mind map.
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Organize a Social Media Activity

Organize the process of response for interactions occurring in social media.
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Create a UML Diagram

You can create UML diagrams quickly using the RapidDraw technology.
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Cross-Functional Flowcharts

Step-by-step visualization of a business process.
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