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My team distributed all around the world. How can I do mindmap presentation of my project plan to organize teamwork, discuss tasks, vision details and provide learning session? "Remote Presentation for Skype" - solution created specially for distributed teams and project management. It focused on delivering presentations visually in form of professional mindmapping. This is all about "Remote Presentation for Skype" solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park. "Remote Presentation for Skype" solution extends ConceptDraw® MINDMAP with the ability to deliver presentation via Skype®. It lets you remotely present documents to participants of Skype conference call. The Skype presentation appears as a slide show at all computers of Skype conference and you control the presentation slides. It is intended to be daily assistant in preparing presentation of documents originated by many different software. It works great with MS Word and other documenting software, the integration provided by many solutions of ConceptDraw® Solution Park such as Word Exchange, Presentation Exchange, and Mind Map Exchange. Using exchanging solutions you can do Skype presentations for virtually any type of documents or office files.
Another great feature, at the end of mindmap presentation each participant of conference call have the copy of file with the mindmap presentation. It is synchronised in Presentation History folder of every participant. So it's very easy to return back to mindmap presentation history and view it again or even show it for other team, project participants and stakeholders. It saves a lot of time in corporate communication when presentation needs to be distributed and learned between many teams.

Thanks to Mind Map Exchange solution which provides lots of features for seamless importing and exporting documents of between ConceptDraw® MINDMAP and most mindmapping software tools including Mindjet MindManager®, Freemind, XMind and other.
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